“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” Caroline Myss


I've often thought about blogging but never felt brave enough to give it a shot. Now seems to be as good a time as any - midway through life with lots to look back on and learn from, and lots to look forward to and share as it comes. Midlife is not as bad as it has been made out to be and I thought "cresting the hill" summed it up because I'm not over the hill yet, I've just reached the top and the view is proving to be an eye opener to me as I take the time to stop and look around.


I've reached a point in my life where a lot of my assumptions and expectations are being tested and I want to bring them to light and decide if they are valid or just something I've picked up through being exposed to our first world culture. There are so many concepts I've collected along the way - from my parents, from marriage, from my children, from my friends, from church, from work and from life experience and I don't think they are all as relevant and true to life as I have assumed.


A previous boss of mine used to say "assume nothing Leanne" and (although he was an old curmudgeon) it is a pertinent point. So this will be a safe place to examine some of those things, to share thoughts that I find online and maybe to share a little bit of my actual life if it is relevant.

So here goes.......

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  1. When you wrote this six years ago, Leanne, I presume you couldn't have imagined where this blog would take you. Still, it was pretty spot on about the things that you would learn and share with us. I'm so glad you decided to take this journey and that our paths crossed!


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