Midlife Monday ~ A Time of Contentment

 Midlife Monday ~ Midlife - it's a time of contentment and self acceptance


I took a survey today - to help another blogger who was looking for ways to encourage midlifers to deal with their worries and problems. What I realized as I answered the questions is......I don't really have any worries or problems at the moment. I'm in a place of contentment and I feel a real sense of satisfaction with my life right here and right now.

Five Things Friday ~ 5 Requests for my Funeral

Five things Friday - 5 requests for my funeral

It might seem a little bit morbid to some, but I think about my funeral quite often. At random times it crops up in my mind and I think about how I'd like to leave this mortal coil - on my own terms. My husband thinks he'll get away with handing out a flyer with a link to my blog to save him having to do a eulogy.... understandable, but there are five other things I'd still like him to include.... He's so lucky to have such an organized wife!


Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better.


With time and life's ups and downs, I've come to see that the quote about friends being for a reason, a season or a lifetime, is so true. When I was younger I thought all friendships were supposed to last for a lifetime, but now I see that isn't how life works. We have friends at different seasons of our lives - who we connect with because we are at the same age and stage, but when that stage finishes, they move on.

Midlife Monday ~ Living Without Apology or Explanations

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I shared a quote a little while ago about not shrinking myself anymore. I'm not sure if it's a generational issue, or a woman's issue or a personal issue, but I know a lot of us do our best to fit into the boxes other people create for us. There are a variety of reasons why we do it, the need to keep others happy, or to meet with their approval, to avoid causing upset or distress, to be liked or to be accepted. It has always been a driving force in my life and sometimes I think it harks back to being the oldest child, where responsibility and people pleasing come with the role.


Five Things Friday - 5 of my favourite photographs

For Five Things Friday this week, I wanted to share five of my favourite photographs - I have so many, but these were the ones that sprang to mind when I started looking through my folders on my computer. I have no idea how people will be able to choose only five in the years to come when they will have thousands saved (instead of the measly few I have to choose from - thanks to the Kodak days.)


“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”  Rumi


One of the hardest lessons I've been learning through this stage of my life is when to hold on, and when to let go. As life moves on and the journey continues, the "rules" change. What seemed to need all my time and attention has passed and I'm at a new and different phase of life where I have needed to renegotiate my priorities. This can look a little bit like a midlife crisis, or we can turn it around and look at it as a new adventure. Brene Brown calls it an "unraveling" as you let go of expectations and embrace the life you're living.


There are so many things we "are" - why worry about the things we are "not"? #midlife #youarenot


I read a poem a while ago by a young woman named Erin Hanson and it was titled You Are Not. It was addressed to women who are probably younger than most people who read my blog, but I think we can relate to it because sometimes in Midlife we get caught up in the physical, the fading, the not so lovely. We think about what we've lost, rather that what we've gained. 

In contrast to the words of the poem, it got me thinking about all the blessings we should be acknowledging and how they should be what define us. So, on that note I wrote a little something about what we're not in Midlife, and what we are.

Five Things Friday ~ 5 Favourite Songs

Five Things Friday ~ 5 of my Favourite Songs

There are songs that have stuck in my head for years (and years, and years!) So many I had trouble choosing just five - but these are the ones that evoke memories when I hear them - and I've included a little memory with each one. I'd love to  know what your go-to songs are in the comments.


What do you do when you're over 50 and you hear "activate your core!"?


As I was taking my morning walk the other day, I could hear a little voice in my head saying "walking isn't enough - you should be activating your core while you're doing it". I looked down at my little squidgy pooch that was quietly minding its own business - carefully concealed in my tracksuit pants, and immediately thought "what core?" Somewhere along the way my core seems to have been lost and shows no imminent signs or reappearing.

Midlife Monday ~ The Power of Positivity

Midlife Monday ~ there is no question that there is power in being positive


I've always been a realist - all those touchy-feely New Age affirmations have never really been my "thing" ......until recently. My husband is a family counselor and he is a big advocate of the power of positive thinking. The more we wire our brain with positive thoughts, the more we change our view of the world. It's not magic, or a miracle, it's a gradual readjustment to the way we approach  life. And as I've given time and attention to thinking about all the good in my life and being grateful, I can see what a change it has made. 


5 Words that touch my Soul ~ Enough; Home; Warmth; Happiness; Together


Each Friday I want to choose five things to write about - this week it's 5 Words That Touch My Soul. These are words that resonate with me - that make me feel good when they're spoken, and by the memories and emotions associated with them. I'm sure everyone would have different words that are special to them, but these were my top five.


maybe facebook seems slow because I've blocked so many people!

The Joys of Facebook

I am a big fan of Facebook. I love catching up on people's news and re-connecting with old friends from school, or youth group, or work. I now have friends from all over the world who I connected with through blogging and then through Facebook. I think Facebook has a different feel to it for my generation. We use it to interact with each other and to share our highlights - travel pics, new jobs, children's weddings, Christmas get-togethers, new grandchildren etc.


My first hand experience of Daith piercing and how it affected the amount of headaches I've been having. #daith #migraine


I have suffered from chronic headaches for a far back as I can remember. I'm not sure when they started but I know that I have been keeping the various headache remedy companies in business for at least a few decades now. I don't think I have full blown migraines, mine are more of the tension headache variety, but they have been relentless and I had reached the point of being willing to try something a little out of left field.