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1970 - with my two brothers and one of  my dad's cars


What do you do when you come from a family of collectors/hoarders and you are a minimalist married to a super tidy minimalist?


#midlife blog


One of the best parts of reducing the hours I work is that I have more free time to do with as I please. For the last couple of months that free time has been spent on regaining a little bit of myself that I felt had gotten lost along the way. Now I feel ready to do a little more.

there are no perfect parents (or children)

#midlife blog

My daughter sent me this quote the other day and my first response was - I should Pin that. My second response was......wait a minute - I should blog about that!

I've never met a potato I didn't like - throwback post #3

midlife blog ~ cresting the hill

Everyone has an Archilles heel and mine is the love of chips. I LOOOOOVE chips! I could go to AA and confess to my inability to resist their salty, fatty goodness. But I wouldn't give them up.

my life as the AntiCraft - throwback post#2

#midlife blog


As a good Christian woman it is an embarrassment for me to have to confess that I loathe any type of craft. I can admire the dexterity and "creativity" of those who immerse themselves in the latest crafting fad, but I just cannot get inspired by padded tissue box covers, or scrap booking, or quilting, or any of the myriad of craft activities that others thrive on.



A scary thing happened to me a while ago......without being aware it was happening, I became addicted to Pinterest! What started out as somewhere to collect a few apt quotes and pretty pictures (rather than filling up my facebook feed) has now proceeded to take over part of my life.

taking a little breathing time this week

#midlife blog

I realized that I've been blogging for about 8 months now and hadn't taken any time out to breathe and take some time away from thinking about midlife and all it's comings and goings.


"There are no half measures in love, only all or nothing. And if it doesn’t make you tremble or go..." “There are no half measures in love,   only all or nothing.   And if it doesn’t make you tremble   or go mad at the very thought of its absence, you should move on.”  - Beau Taplin


I read quotes like this one above and I wonder quietly to myself - do we expect too much from love and marriage in the world we live in today? Have we put ourselves under a ton of pressure to be on top of our love game all the time for fear we may lose if we aren't always fervently full on?

avoiding reality television like the plague

#midlife blog'm not sure if I'm the only person in the world who is hating on reality television shows - I'm pretty sure I'm not, I'm also pretty sure there are a gazillion other people out there who are heartily sick of seeing hour after hour after hour of mind numbing programs......and yet they keep on coming!

stop it! learning to say "no" more often

STOP IT - it's that simple

There are so many things that I do out of obligation or habit or because I'm a little OCD and because I think "no-one else is going to do it". A lot of those things are necessary and part of the obligations of getting by in this world. However, some of them are self inflicted and I really need to tell myself "Stop It!!" when I go down that path.

let's hear it for a drama free life!

Be free pf the complexities of drama - #stevemaraboli

I have spent many years surrounded by people and their drama. It sucks you in and you find yourself swimming in this constant stream of chaos where you never know when the next crisis is going to arise.


#midlifeblog cresting the hill


I've read so many posts lately on the "amazing" discovery of de-cluttering houses and lives. There is the best selling book by Marie Kondo called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" that has taken the world by storm. You only have to do a search on "declutter" on Pinterest to find a million and one pins to do with getting rid of accumulated "stuff", purging and organizing what's left.

being blessed with a new community

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

I have never been very good at women's groups and get-togethers. I always feel like the odd one out because I'm not really a girly girl. This might be the fall out from growing up with two brothers and a mother who wasn't very good at mother/daughter bonding.

changes, changes everywhere - and that's okay

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

This quote sums up my life journey at the time being. So much has changed in the last few years, the last few months and even the last few days - time doesn't stand still. Life is about moving forward through the changes and becoming richer in character as I navigate towards who I am becoming.

the blogging quote challenge

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

The lovely Kathy Gottberg from Smart Living 365 invited me to a blogging challenge where you share your three favourite quotes. I am the self anointed Queen of Quotes and have several Pinterest boards dedicated to different types of quotes that take my fancy (you can have a look here if you're interested and feel free to follow any of them - I love new followers!)

is brunette the new midlife blonde?

#midlifeblog cresting the hill
a new midlife choice - going from blonde to bronde 
As you may have noticed in my pictures from Saturday's post, I have been various shades of blonde for my entire life, and it seemed best to stay that way into midlife because the blonde bits masked any random gray hairs that popped up out of the blue. Every six weeks or so I'd take myself off to the hairdresser for a top up and trim and off I'd go again into the big wide world. But things have taken a detour into a new direction....

beginnings are always the hardest

don't give up, the beginning is often the hardest

I'm a couple of weeks into my new job and being a perfectionist (and a wee bit OCD) I'm struggling with the fact that I still have a long way to go before I truly get my head around all there is to learn.