my love and hate list

inhale love exhale hate

The lovely Lana from My New Happy shared her top ten loves and hates and then passed the baton on to me. I loved all her topics, but I was struggling to come up with so many loves and hates to make up my list. So........I cheated (shame on me) and I've done my top 5 instead. I hope it's still in keeping with the spirit of the challenge and so here they are (in no particular order):

making midlife the best of life #2 (family)

#midlifeblog cresting the hill
the midlife empty nesters
As I mentioned in my last post, I am not interested in complaining about the advent of middle age and all the unkind changes it brings with it. Instead, I am discovering that it is all to do with how you look at this stage of life. There are so many benefits to reaching middle age.

making midlife the best of life #1 (work)

For the last few years I have been one of those women who bemoaned the advent of middle age and all the unkind changes it brings with it. But what I am discovering is that it has nothing to do with my age and everything to do with my attitude!


#midlifeblog cresting the hill


I have undergone an amazing transition in the last few weeks. A month ago I was a guru in my field. I knew every dentist and dental specialist in my vicinity. I knew who was good, who was great and who was indifferent. I knew the terminology, the appointment types, the item numbers and the costings and I could multi task several things at once. If you needed a goddess of all things dental I would have been a candidate for the job. Then I got bored.......



As the next step in my blogging journey, I thought I would start a Facebook page for my blog. It seems like everyone else has one and I only have my personal page that is for my family and friends' updates. I really don't like the overlap of my personal life with my blogging life - they are really two separate worlds.


Opposites attract but then you find you're marching to the beat of different drums. Learning to appreciate the differences is the key.


I met my husband when I was 20 years old and he was 21. Full of the fresh flush of youth and all the optimism that goes with it, we got married less than 12 months later and launched into happily ever after. Or so it would seem...What the fine print in the fairy tales didn't mention is that, while opposites attract and compliment each other, they can also drive each other stir crazy at times!

loving where I am - there's no looking back

"Some people want to see you on the top of the mountain and some people want you to keep them company down in the valley."

I noticed a strange phenomenon when I left my old job......nobody asked me why I wanted to leave and some even told me they envied me having the courage to let it go and move on. They wished they were brave enough to pull the pin and leave too. The strange part is that these people are now loud in their silence.

trusting God

Dear Lord... Please keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth

Sometimes I can take my faith way too seriously and it's quotes like this one that remind me to smile and lighten up a little. I like the idea that authentic faith is about trusting God to stand shoulder to shoulder with me but also asking him to shut me up when my mouth gets ahead of my brain.


sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find the perfect job -


I'm so excited - frog kissing has paid off! After being first runner up at my last job interview, I took the plunge and kept applying for jobs that looked interesting. I hadn't reached the borderlines of desperation so I was still being fairly choosy about what I wanted to do - not ready for shelf stacking at the supermarket just yet.....

jumping into a makeover challenge

#midlifeblog cresting the hill
The older I get, the more I realize that there is so much that I don't know. There are a million (gazillion) different internet processes and applications that I am totally unaware of. Blogging is a "whole new world" (thanks Aladdin) and I am just scraping the surface.

rest and refreshment

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

One thing I am learning as I take time out from the workforce is that it is okay to rest and revitalize. When you are continually busy on the treadmill of life you get out of practice at being still and letting life happen at its own pace.

a blogger award to share together

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

There are times when I'm blogging that I think I am the only person in the world who reads what I write - I know that's not true because of the lovely comments I receive, but blogging does seem a little solitary at times. So, it was so nice to receive a nomination for the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award from Debbie who blogs at Debbie in Shape. She is a shining example of someone making an effort to encourage other bloggers by promoting health and fitness as well as helpful blogging tips and hints.

permission to be happy

Get your happy on

I don't know if it is a leftover from my 'oldest child' childhood or whether there is just something missing in my general makeup, but I have trouble giving myself permission to be happy.

what do I want to be?

#midlifeblog cresting the hill
Just like my teenage self -
I have no idea!
I've been busy leading my new life of laid back leisure and it's given me time to think about how I want to spend the next stage of my life. And the resounding response I have each time I give it serious thought is "I have NO idea"!

a time of transition

#midlifeblog cresting the hill

I was perusing tumblr the other day and I saw this little quote: "my sun sets to rise again" ~ from Robert Browning. It caught my eye because it applies to this time in my life as I transition from one stage of life to another - not bad seeing he wrote it in 1846! 

Cruising and Musing

#midlife blog cresting the hill


As I mentioned in a post a while back, my reward to myself for being brave enough to quit my job was buying a bicycle. It's been really fun getting out and about, but as I was cruising along today I thought that riding a bike is a bit like navigating life.