a little overview of my trip to Singapore for my 50th
The famous Merlion that holds pride of place in Singapore
This is Singapore Week and Monday's post was all about seeing Singapore with my lovely (super fit) husband. It was quite a contrast to my last trip there, five years ago. That visit was a birthday present from my lovely Mum and we did it in style - with all the mod-cons! Here's what I wrote about it a while back....


Midlife - when opposites attract and then find out the differences when they travel together!


For those who've seen my Facebook posts, you would know that I spent last week in Singapore with my very fit, and much more adventurous than me, husband - who should be renamed Bear Grylls the Second! We chose Singapore because it offered lots of variety seeing we like completely different things. So lets kick off Singapore Week on the blog today by reviewing a few life lessons Singapore style!


Ferris Bueller's Day Off


I am a HUGE fan of Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I think I've watched the movie ten times at least and I still smile all the way through it - and don't get me started on how much fun the Twist and Shout on the float in the street parade is - it's so feel good it's ridiculous!


Don't suck the light and joy out of other people - choose to shine!


A few years ago I heard about the Dark Sucker Theory where, in a nutshell, the idea is that electric light bulbs don't give off light, rather, they suck in the dark. This is of course a load of bollocks, but the idea that something can suck in the dark and leave light in it's place is an interesting concept.

I was thinking that the reverse would also be true, that a Light Sucker would suck in light and leave darkness behind. I took it a step further and thought about how this applies to certain people I've come across in life. They are the people who never have any joy in their life - they just lurch from one miserable day to the next and delight in sharing their doldrums with everyone they come in contact with.


What are you doing to make your unfulfilled wishes come to fruition?


There are so many opportunities that come our way throughout our lives - some we grasp and head into the future with, and others slip through our fingers and become missed moments for growth. I can't begin to count how many times I've missed out on something because I was too scared to take a risk, or because someone didn't give me the benefit of the doubt and tell me to take a chance.


Five Things Friday ~ 5 Gratitude Practices

My daughter went to an in-service training course a few weeks ago and shared with me the 21 Day Gratitude Practice they had been encouraged to do. It seemed like a great way to re-focus away from all the troubles in the world and to think about all the little blessings that come our way. 

Wind-Back Wednesday ~ Focus on Your Potential

Wind-Back Wednesday ~ Focus on Your Potential - not your limitations


I read an article a while ago that said "people with a high level of confidence have just as many weaknesses as those without confidence, but they focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses."

 As I've gotten older I find that I've tended to sit back and assume that I had achieved all that I was going to in this life, and basically there was nothing left to do now, other than accept where I was at. A friend of mine once said that she could be anything she wanted to be.....she just didn't know what she wanted to be (and that was the problem). I can certainly relate to that thought. I assumed I was limited in my potential now and stuck where I was until the end of time.

Midlife Monday ~ 6 Signs of Successful Living

what makes a woman successful? It's not what we have been led to believe


In today's world success is all about being the biggest and the best. Usually we define success by how someone performs in their chosen career or in a pursuit they endeavour to excel in. I don't think that's really what true success is all about. Maybe it's time to redefine the term - and I like how Barbara J Burrows goes about it.


Five Australian Midlife bloggers I think everyone should know about


For Five Things Friday this week I wanted to write about Midlife Bloggers - I couldn't even begin to cover all the amazing midlife bloggers out there (especially in a "five things" post!) These women are rocking the blogging world and if you're not reading them then I suggest you head over the the Midlife Boulevard website or their facebook page and start catching up on these bloggers and their fabulous-ness!


Daith Piercing for Migraines and Headaches - it worked for me!

I'm very pleased to be featured on Midlife Boulevard today. They're sharing my story about my Daith piercing - it's still the best decision I've ever made in regard to my headaches.

I feel like I've tried everything else that mainstream medicine had to offer and found relief with this completely left of centre treatment.

To read more here is the LINK

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments - I'd be happy to answer them.
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Wind-Back Wednesday ~ Remembering to Compliment

Wind-Back Wednesday ~ Remembering to give those little compliments - they mean the world


As time has passed I've noticed that I don't meet new people as often as I used to. One of the benefits of making conversation with people you don't know all that well is that you tend to say nice things to each other - like "that's a lovely outfit" or "you have great kids" because you are making connections, and being complimentary is a great way to make a positive impact. With old friends I tend to take a lot of that for granted and it is a rare event to hear someone pass a compliment in normal conversation. 


Finding that when you're neither extroverted or introverted - you are an Ambivert


I've always been a big fan of the Meyers Briggs Personality Test because it does quite an accurate job of summing up the characteristics of the people I know who've taken it. For years my result always came out as ESTJ and I was fine with that. My husband (the eternal introvert) always strongly agreed with my assessment and the fact that I was an extrovert (the "E" of ESTJ) and I continued to believe this until I recently redid the test.

Five Things Friday ~ 5 Birthday Wishes

Five Things Friday - what would your five birthday wishes be?

I asked my husband what he would wish for if he had five birthday wishes. First he had to check that it wasn't a trick question and that he wouldn't be in trouble for not including marital bliss and my every happiness in his wishes - I let him off the hook and here are his wishes: 1. A Lamboghini, 2. A Ducati, 3. An ocean going yacht, 4. A Summer house in Provence (that we'd sail to on the yacht) and 5. A helicopter to get from the yacht to the Summer house. The man has VERY expensive taste in his wishes!

Wind-Back Wednesday ~ the "For Her Age" Disclaimer

 Wind-back Wednesday - Looking good "for her age" and other disclaimers


On a morning, much like any other morning, before I headed out for the day, I was checking my outfit in the mirror (fortunately it wasn't the soul destroying work mirror that shows every line and crinkle) and I thought "I'm looking pretty good for someone my age". Bang! there is was.....the dreaded midlife disclaimer "for my age". How had it crept into my own mental dialogue without me even thinking about it?