33 years! and so much water under the bridge...

the progress of a marriage - 1983 - the year we tied the knot
1983 - fresh faced and nearly married
This week's Friday Reflection is "what are you grateful for so far this year?" and I thought I'd cheat just a little and focus on just one thing I'm grateful for this year, (and today especially), and that is my lovely husband, who 33 years ago today married me 'for better and for worse'.

what would I change if I could?

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I think we all expect to live to a ripe old age - the older we get, the older that "ripe old age" seems to be! But I was thinking the other day about what regrets or wishes I'd have if life was to end much sooner than than I expected.

getting a fly-on-the-wall blog review

getting a peek into what my blog looks like

Last week I saw a write up by another blogger on the good and bad review they received from using "peek" . peek is a FREE (my favourite word) user testing tool where you can enter the URL of your blog and have a random person view it and give you feedback - the feedback is actually a five minute video of them browsing around your posts and pages and commenting as they go. It's a scary thought putting your blog out there for an honest appraisal and seeing how it looks to someone else.


the grandkittens Willow and Shadow
the grandkittens Willow and Shadow


Up until recently I'd have had to answer this question based on the extensive experience I have as Nana to my two grandkittens, Willow and Shadow. From them I've learned that I'm just the patter and a lap to snuggle up on. I'm not responsible for the feeding, or the poop scooping, or the water spray squirting when they're naughty. It's nice not being the disciplinarian or the worrier (like I am with my own fur children) and I think grandchildren will be pretty much the same.


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With all the hoopla of Valentines Day behind us I think it's time to consider that it's not only romantic love, but all kinds of love that we find a place in our heart for. I read this beautiful quote the other day and it just spoke to something within me. There are so many dimensions to the people, places and things that we love and I think this quote goes a little way to explaining why they are special to us.


Creating a leadlight/stained glass stair rail insert - calla lily themed and quite a challenge. #leadlight #stainedglass


A few months ago I ticked a project off my bucket list and went to a leadlight/stained glass workshop for a couple of days. Several people commented that they'd love to see what my next attempt would look like now that I had the hang of the basics. Well, the next project is somewhat bigger and is being done in three stages - starting smaller and getting bigger and being inserted into our staircase. This is phase 1.


a little overview of my trip to Singapore for my 50th
The famous Merlion that holds pride of place in Singapore


I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip to Singapore with my mum - it was her birthday present to me for my 50th birthday a few years ago. We had a great time seeing the sights and being tourists for a few days in the tropical heat.

a little Jon Acuff homage - in 3 quotes

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Jon Acuff is a favourite blogger of mine - probably because his was the first blog I ever read - before I knew what blogging was about! I mentioned him a little while ago when I used one of his other classic quotes, and I realized that there were a few others that I have added to my life quotes list recently.

kicking the "worse case scenario" habit

don't worry - be happy (kicking the worst case scenario habit)

A week or two ago I watched a short video clip of a family eating dinner and what was said and what was thought - and how a simple comment sets our brain off on the worse case scenario journey. I related to it so strongly that I couldn't help but laugh and think that I could probably apply for the position of 'Queen of Worse Case Scenarios'!

have you noticed that life isn't always pretty?

Life isn't always pretty, comfortable or easy - but it's worth it

This week's #FridayReflection is to Reflect upon the meaning of life.

I read this Anthony Bourdain quote that was referring to travel and what hit me fair and square between my midlife eyeballs is that it also describes life in all it's messy glory (so I made a "small" change to the first word). We all want life to be perfect and shiny and we get upset or disappointed when it doesn't go our way, but life has so many other aspects to it that are enriching and grow us as people (even if we aren't too thrilled about it at the time!)

just curious ~ what makes us happy?

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Have you ever stopped to wonder "what makes me happy?" I came across this question the other day and it made me stop and ask myself the question and interestingly enough, the answer wasn't anything big or powerful or exciting. It was the small quiet things in life that sprang to mind.

have you ever wallpapered?

wallpapering for the first time in 30+ years

For years I have been trying to convince my husband that we should wallpaper one of our walls. We have a wall right in the middle of our living room that would be just perfect. I had visions of chinoiserie patterns dancing like sugar plums inside my head, but I'm about to embark on a stained glass project for my stairs (you can just see them off to the side in some of the pictures) and I thought it might be a bit much.