for the love of cats - burmese and scottish fold


I have a confession to make..........I am a cat person..........I'm not sure how this actually came about because once upon a time I didn't know I was a cat person - if asked, I would have claimed to be a dog lover. I spent the first half of my life completely unaware of the appeal of cats. I grew up in a 1970's home with the prerequisite dog and a budgie (all Australian kids have a budgie at some stage) and it was the same with all my friends - no-one had cats or kittens.

Then, a couple of years after we were married a random kitten turned up at our door and we were hooked. Kittens would have to be one of the cutest elements of God's creation (I am so smitten with them that I have not one.......but THREE Pinterest boards dedicated to them!) It turned out that the "homeless" kitten we adopted for three weeks belonged to our next door neighbours - we never thought to check something so obvious. It went home to their place and before we knew it, we had a kitten of our own to replace him/her. From there it has snowballed to never being without a cat.....

mirror sunglasses and other midlife no - no's

midlife blog ~ cresting the hill

Lately I've had a bit of a "thing" for mirrored sunglasses. They look fabulous on the girls I see on Pinterest - all tanned and windswept and tropical. It's summer here and I had this picture in my head of how cool and fabulous I'd look in a pair of reflective sunnies. I thought the aviator style might be pushing it a bit too far, but a nice plastic framed pair wouldn't be that far removed from my current pair of sunglasses.

So, imagine my delight when I noticed a new rack of sunglasses outside the little gift store in my local shopping centre.  I tried some on and they were so darkly tinted that I couldn't really see myself in the tiny mirror they have attached to the stand for viewing. I was pretty sure they looked good but I thought I'd just double check by asking the lady who owned the store if she thought I could pull off the look.

aaaahhhh - taking off that bra!

Few things in life feel better than taking your bra off at the end of a long day

I am positive (without even needing to Google it) that a man invented the bra. Bras would have to be the most uncomfortable clothing item I have ever come across. Come to think of it, some of the suck-em-in spandex pants are coming a pretty close second!


How do you create lasting friendships? Do all friendships last forever? If they don't then we need to find ways to invest in old and new friends.


I'm sure we've all had "that friend" who turned out to be not quite as great as we'd hoped they would be, and we ask ourselves what went wrong? To have a good friend let you down, or betray your trust, or just not be there when you expected them to be, is one of life's biggest disappointments. When we invest time and emotion into creating a friendship, only to have it go pear shaped, it kills us a little bit inside.


“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” Rumi


There are so many relationships that span our lifetime aren't there? Our parents, siblings, childhood friends, teenage loves, true love, our children, our adult friends, our extended families....and so many more. One of the hardest lessons I've been learning through this stage of my life is when to hold on and when to let go.

activate your core - what core?

when you've forgotten what your core is and how you're supposed to activate it!

As I was taking my morning walk I could hear a little voice in my head saying "activate your core". I looked down at my little squidgy pooch and immediately thought "what core?" because my core seems to have been lost somewhere along the way to middle age.

I started off as a slim teenager with no thought about diet or exercise - in fact I can't even remember either word entering my thoughts or hearing them spoken at all in the 1970's. We all just ate healthy (there was almost no take-away other than fish and chips) and we were reasonably active and just stayed trim without giving it a second thought.

Then along came children -


my word for 2015 is release - learning to let go of what is not mine.


After giving it a bit of thought, I've decided to choose a Word of the Year as inspiration for the months ahead. I finally settled on my word for 2015, and it will be 'RELEASE'. I thought about 'detach' but (as my good husband advised), 'release' has more positive connotations and it can be applied to most situations that I find myself getting overly embroiled in.