mirror sunglasses and other midlife no - no's

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Lately I've had a bit of a "thing" for mirrored sunglasses. They look fabulous on the girls I see on Pinterest - all tanned and windswept and tropical. It's summer here and I had this picture in my head of how cool and fabulous I'd look in a pair of reflective sunnies. I thought the aviator style might be pushing it a bit too far, but a nice plastic framed pair wouldn't be that far removed from my current pair of sunglasses.

So, imagine my delight when I noticed a new rack of sunglasses outside the little gift store in my local shopping centre.  I tried some on and they were so darkly tinted that I couldn't really see myself in the tiny mirror they have attached to the stand for viewing. I was pretty sure they looked good but I thought I'd just double check by asking the lady who owned the store if she thought I could pull off the look.
That's when my little ego bubble was gently popped ........she told me (very kindly) that she thought I could carry off the frames but the lenses might be "a bit much". So I slunk back to the rack and hung them up and sadly headed home.

Seeing it was just before Christmas, I thought I'd tell the story to my husband (who loves buying presents) and see if he thought the lady had misjudged my youthfulness. Fully expecting to find a pair in my Christmas present pile, I was saddened once again by their notable absence. I didn't even ask because I knew in my heart that the shop owner and my husband were right - I had reached the age and stage when it would have been trying just a bit too hard to be seen in their reflective glory.

Now I know that all the midlifers out there would be raising their voices to declare that we can still wear what we like, but I am realizing that although you can wear anything, sometimes it is best to leave certain "looks" to the next generation (or maybe the one after that!). So instead, I am rocking the big watch and stacked bangles but giving the glasses a miss for now. Better to err on the side of good taste in this case. 

This also gives rise to the issue of 50's + dressing and some of the outfits women of my age think they can still wear....... but that is a post in itself - stay tuned!

*********************21/03/15 Breaking my own rules*********************************

The photo at the top in me wearing the sunnies I found in a shop today at a bargain price and thought "stuff it - I like them"  I love them and hopefully they won't cause too many sniggers behind my back!