A comfort zone can be a beautiful place where peace, contentment, satisfaction and gratitude grow in abundance.


There's a well known saying that goes:
A comfort zone is a beautiful place, 
but nothing ever grows there
All the super busy, ambitious go-getters immediately nod their heads because it's a fact that you have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to take a leap forward into the unknown or into something bigger and riskier than you usually experience.



For a lot of us, living within our comfort zones isn't something to be scoffed at or belittled. Comfort zones are given that name for a reason - they're a place we've often fought long and hard to reach and where life is very pleasant.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a comfort zone as "the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity" - it's a place a lot of us have spent decades working towards and where we feel able to finally feel a sense of peace and contentment. For some it's a resting point before the next great adventure, and for others it's the destination they've been journeying towards all their lives and they are happy to live there indefinitely.


Well, according to the quote - "Nothing ever grows in a comfort zone". That's a pretty harsh claim when all's said and done - and I don't think it's necessarily true. If you look at a comfort zone from a positive perspective, there are several things that grow there and here's a few examples I've noticed in my own life and in what I've heard from others. So what does grow in a comfort zone?


Those who've reached a point in life where they're comfortable have often worked very hard to get there - and in the process have dealt with stress, drama, hard work, tough times, uncertainty, and many other challenges. Those things bring with them a sense of purpose, a desire to push through, a feeling of achievement and of ticking items off bucket lists. There was a striving and a desire for more, the knowledge that you could be "more" if you worked hard enough and invested enough of your time and effort into the process.

That's an admirable way to live, and I think most of us have been there (or are still there). But for those of us who have reached a different point in life, one where we're comfortable and happy.... the more time we spend there, the more we settle into a feeling of peace and contentment. We don't want more or need more - if we have projects and plans, they're for our enjoyment and growth, rather than from a position of "having to" or "needing to". Nobody wants to stagnate, but there's a lot to be said for reaching a place where we're content and stress free.

I want to slow down. To stop. To listen. To turn off the noise, the distractions and the constant need for more. It's time to live simply.


Unless you're independently wealthy or you've won Lotto, all that hard work I mentioned in the first point has brought with it the rewards of a job well done. To reach Midlife and to know that you're still working because you want to rather than because you have to, is a joy in itself. To have saved hard, paid off your debts, and earned the lifestyle you now enjoy brings with it a quiet sense of satisfaction and an appreciation of all that's gone before to bring you to the stage of life where things are comfortable. 

The more you focus on the rewards of the life you have, the greater the sense of appreciation you have for the work you put in to get there. And the more you stop and think about all it took to reach a place of comfort and satisfaction, happiness can't help but grow.


Comfort zones don't have to be God's waiting room where we sit around and slowly moulder away until we get moved into the retirement home. They can be a place where we have the space to pause and decide if we like what we have and it's enough for us, or whether there's more ahead that we can explore and pursue. The benefit of a comfort zone is that you have room to breathe and the freedom to settle or to spread your wings - you get to choose because you want to - not because you have to. The "should do" "would do" "have to" era is behind us -  now we get to choose on our own terms - and that's amazing.

A comfort zone can be a beautiful place where peace, contentment, satisfaction and gratitude grow in abundance.


So, some might think that a comfort zone is a place of boredom or dullness where you sit and stagnate, but for those of us who appreciate the work it's taken to reach this point, there's a lot of gratitude. The more I live within my comfort zone, the more grateful I am to be here and to have the freedom and flexibility to stay, to come and go, or to jump out and explore new options. 

I think I've actually grown more in the last few years than I have for many years before that. Having the resources that come with a comfortable life has meant more choice, more willingness to try new ideas, more time to develop my own interests, and a definite feeling of being more "Me" - living a life of authenticity and growing into this second half of life.


If you think comfort zones are for boring people, maybe you haven't truly reached yours yet? Or maybe you're flexing and stretching - knowing that you have a safe place to return to after each new adventure? Or maybe your comfort zone shifts and adjusts itself to fit any changes you bring into play? It's different for all of us.....but I think a lot can grow there if we're open to appreciating what a pleasant place a comfort zone can be.


A comfort zone can be a beautiful place where peace, contentment, satisfaction and gratitude grow in abundance.

A comfort zone can be a beautiful place where peace, contentment, satisfaction and gratitude grow in abundance.

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