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I've seen so many blog posts recently on what we can and can't wear once we're in our 50's (I've written a few myself back in January!) But I'm coming to realize that you can't make hard and fast rules when it comes to midlife fashion.
I saw a great post the other day on 10 things not to wear over 50 that set out to shoot all the over fifty fashion rules down in a blaze of glory and I loved what she had to say. I think we can get too caught up in the idea of being sensible. There is also the risk though of looking in the mirror and seeing our 20 something year old selves instead of the woman who is actually standing there. The balance lies somewhere in between - we need to find a look that suits us and enjoy being at an age where peer group pressure is less of a factor in our choices.


I think we have to dress in a way that feels comfortable, looks good on our figure (in all its menopausal glory) and has a dash of colour to offset those fading skin tones. There are women out there that look fabulous and elegant in beige or vibrant and fresh in red. I look dreadful in both colours - one washes me out and the other swamps me. Why make age the deciding factor? Both those colours looked fairly awful on me when I was 30 too. So we need to forget the 50+ age tag and start using another measure for what to wear in midlife.

I love capri pants - because I am tall and have long legs - I've seen younger women who can't wear them because they are too short and the wrong shape. I love necklaces and earrings and other accessories - but over the top bling looks silly on me - yet I've seen other women carry off incredibly ornate jewelry and look fantastic (my mother is the queen of bling and she always looks great when she decks herself out in a particularly "gaudy" necklace). It's about what looks "right" on you as a person - no matter what your age is - and nobody can make hard and fast rules that are one size fits all. So, now if I ever see something that catches my eye, I tend to grab it because it might be ages before something else shows up that is worth the effort of visiting the change rooms for.


So.......on a lighter note, I saw these sunnies outside a little shop and they were at a bargain basement price. I remembered the other shop where the owner told me that she thought I couldn't pull them off because of my age. So I threw caution (and her fashion advice) to the wind and snapped them up - yes, they are a bit silly and frivolous (I had to check my spelling for that one!) but so am I at times and why not celebrate the silly and fun and rock those mirrored sunnies and ignore anyone who might think I'm too old. Sometimes you just have to break your own rules!


Are you a stickler for the rules? Or are you willing to stretch them a little so that you can still have fun, and be a little bit unique? Midlife isn't for sissies - so stretch yourself and see where it takes you!

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