3 DAYS, 3 QUOTES ~ All Rolled Into One!

Friends add glorious colours to our world

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty challenged me to do three quotes for three days. She knew I am a huge fan of quotes (just check out my Pinterest Page and you can see how many boards I have devoted to quotes!)

Rather than spreading it out over
three days, I decided to put all nine quotes together in one post and focus on friendship quotes from a fabulous facebook page called Zen to Zany. I plan on using some more of Anita's lovely work in my September Series - Reasons Why Midlife Rocks - so if you love these images then pop over to her facebook page and stop by over September to check out the ones I use in my Midlife Rocks posts.


The year in review - embracing all life has to offer


At the beginning of the year I wrote a post on Embrace ~ My Word for 2016 and I thought I'd do a little update on how that's working for me. I read heaps of posts from other bloggers about the words they were choosing and their reasons why and I hoped that I'd chosen one that would give me some inspiration to keep moving forward.


 Once the nest is empty it's time to redefine your idea of family


The empty nest is often spoken about as a sad and lonely time. The kids leave and take all the life and interest and excitement with them. There's no-one left who needs looking after, nobody coming and going, no strangers wandering through the house, nothing new and nothing out of the ordinary any more. It can all be so silent and sedate and fairly boring if you let it.


when the fledglings fly it's time to rekindle your relationship with your spouse


My last post was all about preparing our kids and ourselves for the time when they flew the coop and disappeared off into the sunset. For us there was a degree of relief and satisfaction to see them successfully launch themselves and to watch them thriving in the city and at university. They so easily settled into a completely new lifestyle and found their way around their new world with remarkable ease.


Rather than worrying about the kids leaving home - here is why we're loving our empty nest


All this blogging about parenting over the last couple of weeks has made me appreciate yet again the absolute joy of our empty nest. I know so many people who are worried about what their life will be like once the fledglings fly, but when you've prepared yourself and you know it's coming and you accept the inevitable change....it's amazing!

PARENTING LESSON #8 ~ Learn to Let Go

PARENTING LESSON #8 ~ Learn to Let Go


One of the hardest lessons for a parent to learn is how to let go of our children. We have invested so much of ourselves into them and they are such a huge part of our lives, what will we do when they leave? I've seen so many women suffer the agonies of the empty nest because they held on so tight and when the time came for their children to leave it was a huge wrench to their hearts and they were left with a gaping hole to fill. Many struggle to find something to fill that hole with. In fact I've seen it affect some women so badly that I've even coined a term for it - Postnestal Depression (similar to Postnatal but caused by having children leave rather than having them arrive).

PARENTING LESSON #7 ~ Their Journey is Their Own

PARENTING LESSON #7 ~ Their Journey is Their Own


As a parent you always seem to think you know what is best for your child. Most of the time that's true, but sometimes it can be distorted by your own childhood experiences, the expectations that were put on you, your successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses. It can overflow onto our own children and what we think is best for them.

PARENTING LESSON #6 ~ Remember to Compliment

PARENTING LESSON #6 ~ Remember to Compliment


It's so easy to take the little things in life for granted. We are often quick to complain about the not-so-great stuff and forget to appreciate the good things that happen each day. The same can so easily happen when you're parenting children. 

In the not so good old days when I was a child it was the norm to be told what you were doing wrong, to be smacked or reprimanded and expected to do better next time. It was almost unheard of in my house for a compliment to come your way. In fact, when I look back on my childhood, I don't really remember any words of encouragement or positive input coming out of my parents' mouths. I don't remember hearing any being directed towards my brothers either, so it wasn't just me or something I did wrong.

PARENTING LESSON #5 ~ Help Them To Choose Wisely

PARENTING LESSON #5 ~ Help Them To Choose Wisely


One of the biggest responsibilities of a parent is helping your children make wise choices. It starts with the little things when they are small and gradually builds as they get older. I mentioned in one of my earlier parenting posts that my mother was completely bemused by the fact I asked my children what they wanted in their sandwiches. Why give them choices? The answer is - because making simple easy choices helps them develop the skills needed to make more complex ones. They are going to make mistakes along the way, but if you've built good decision making skills into your children then they can rally and turn their mishaps around and continue wisely.

PARENTING LESSON #4 ~ Walk Your Talk

PARENTING LESSON #4 ~ Walk Your Talk - be a role model for your children


When our kids were little I was forever getting told off by my husband for exaggerating my dire threats. I suppose telling your recalcitrant child that you're going to strangle them or lock them in their bedroom and feed them Vegemite crackers under the door for a week, is a little over the top in hindsight. At the time I felt I was justifiably provoked into coming up with these graphic descriptions of possible punishments.

PARENTING LESSON #3 ~ Detachment Parenting

PARENTING LESSON #3 ~ Detachment Parenting means giving your children independence


Today's parenting advice is all about attachment and bonding and helicoptering your children. The need to protect them from every scrape and mishap that they may encounter in life's hurly burly. Everyone seems to want to wrap their child in a soft cuddly blanket and ferry them around in the back of their big SUV car with climate control. My parenting style was a little different to that.

PARENTING LESSON #2 ~ You Don't Know What You Don't Know

PARENTING LESSON #2 ~ You Don't Know what You Don't Know


I envy this internet generation when it comes to parenting. When I was a new mum I had nothing to refer to for information. My parents weren't exactly pillars of excellence and I had no intention of repeating their mistakes, so (other than a book or two) I was pretty much on my own. Google would have been my best friend if I'd had any idea who Google was back in the dim dark past of early motherhood.

PARENTING LESSON #1 ~ Learn From Your Parents' Mistakes

PARENTING LESSON #1 ~ Learn From Your Parents' Mistakes - you don't have to repeat them


I've read some dreadful stories about terrible things parents have done to their children. My parents never abused us, they never physically hurt us, starved us, or beat us. I think what they did was basically ignore us - the old adage "children should be seen and not heard" was the standard for my upbringing (and preferably not seen too much either!) We were raised to know our place and to keep our heads down and to stay out of trouble.


the loss of a parent - when you feel sad that you don't feel sad


My dad died last week. He was 78 years old and had suffered from dementia for the last six years. His death was more sudden than expected because he was physically healthy, although his memory was long gone. The struggle I have is that I'm not sad. I'm sad that I'm not sad, but I can't muster any strong emotions over the death of my own father.

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