Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife


Here's the latest little snippets from all over the place that caught my eye and I thought were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them too - feel free to pin them or share them with other people if they resonate with you. I've turned off the comments on these posts because they're just a fun Saturday post to look at, enjoy and move on - hopefully with a smile on your face or with something to think about.


I loved this quote that I saw recently on Facebook. It is such a great affirmation for women in Midlife - we don't have to judge ourselves so harshly, instead we can own who we are and celebrate it instead of apologizing like a lot of us used to do in the past.

I don't have an amazing figure or a flat stomach - loving yourself in #midlife


I'm not sure if it's a Midlife "thing" or not, but this happens to me a lot - I keep forgetting how old I am these days (and usually think I'm at least a year younger than my actual age). My husband is a year older than me, and he often corrects me - I'm still debating if that's a good thing or not. Where did that missing year go?  Thanks again to Hedger Humor for giving me a smile.

When you forget your exact age - is it a #midlife thing?


I recently read a lovely article called The Gift of Presence, The Perils of Advice by Parker J. Palmer. It was beautifully written and his warmth and care just shone through. I've included one of the last sentences in the quote below, but if you have time, why not read the whole article?

Don’t give advice, unless someone insists. Instead, be fully present


I found this wonderful thought from Lang Leav on Pinterest the other day and it sums up where I'm heading in 2019. I hope you enjoy it too.

If I've learned anything this year, it's that I won't ever be ready for what life throws at me ~ Lang Leav #quote

I'll leave you on that positive note, and I hope you're following along with my AtoZ of the List of More - if you've missed any then here is H for Happiness and you can follow the links at the end of the post for more.

Have a great weekend! xx

Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife

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