super easy chocolate cake - great for afternoon tea or for a birthday cake.


After reading and giving up on all the tricky, interesting, exotic recipes I see shared on blogs everywhere, I decided to work from the other end of the spectrum and share some of my super easy recipes that are guaranteed to taste good, be easy to prepare with basic ingredients, and they always turn out well.

Today's recipe comes from "Cookery For Young Australians" which was the cookbook we used in early high school home economics. So, if a 12 year old can successfully bake this then I knew I could too - and it always makes a great last minute cake if visitors are coming and I even used it successfully for our daughter's spontaneous 30th birthday visit.

By the way, I never photograph my food - I'm just not one of those Instagram-it-before-you-eat-it kind of gals, so I'll share a picture of something similar (the cake above is a lot flasher than any I manage to prepare - you'd need to bake two, layer them, and then cover them with frosting of some description) and I don't show the actual step by step process - because we all know what gooey stuff in a bowl looks like. The idea is just to share a recipe that's super easy to prepare and basically foolproof.



  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • 30gm butter
  • 2 dessert sp cocoa
  • ¾ cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • flavouring


Sift flour and cocoa and add sugar

Make well in centre and pour in melted butter, beaten egg, milk, and flavouring

Beat for 3 minutes

Pour into greased ring tin or bar tin

Bake in moderate (180 degree) oven approx 30 minutes

Ice when cool
(1 cup icing sugar mixed with 30gm softened butter, 1 tblsp cocoa and a little water)


super easy chocolate cake - great for afternoon tea or for a birthday cake.

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