when the garden can wait no longer

midlife blog ~ cresting the hill
my good husband using his talents

I'm not known for my gardening skills (I'll follow this post with one about my legendary lack of horticultural and animal husbandry skills). Fortunately I married a man who is remarkably useful and he has bitten the Easter holiday bullet and is tackling our side garden.

We have the privilege of living next door to great neighbours on both sides and behind our house. It is such a blessing being surrounded by good people. The problem with the ones closest to us is that their gardening skills are on a par with mine and they have a hugely invasive couch grass lawn (very popular for easy care lawns in Australia) but a nightmare for keeping contained. The runners grow up, under and through everything.

After leaving our side garden to fend for itself this year, we realized that we had lost the battle and the plants were slowly but surely succumbing to the onslaught of the neighbours' grass. So bullet biting has happened while the weather is mild and the rain hasn't started. Everything (and I mean everything - plants, reticulation, weeds, rocks, ground cover etc) has been dug out and de-couched and he's digging in a divider to try to cut off the encroachment of future runners - hopefully it will at least slow them down a bit.

My job has largely been "supervision" - which means I make him cups of coffee and compliment his hard work (did I mention I'm fairly useless in the gardening department). I am allowed to give input on where all the plants go when he puts it back together again and it will be so nice once it's all settled into place and (hopefully) thriving. I hate messy gardens and weedy neglected looking houses, but it is certainly a battle to keep it all in check - especially during the summer months when everything decides to grow faster than I can weed it out. I'm feeling very blessed to have a husband who did all this in a day and didn't whinge once!

midlife blog ~ cresting the hill
the finished product