I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul understood.

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I love this quote and particularly the part that reads......"where my heart is full, my body loved, and my soul is understood." I think this is the cry of every woman's heart. We long for a connection and a depth to our relationships. The sadness and pathos in this quote comes from that deep longing for one special person who will be our home.

It's not just about physical closeness, it's about the recognition of a 'kindred spirit' (as Anne of Green Gables so aptly described it). We need more than immediate gratification, we long for an all encompassing love that will stand the test of time.


Making the decision to marry someone has all those hopes and dreams tied up with a bow and we trust that the vows we make to each other will carry us through until the end of our days. What we need though is a renewal of those vows every day, a strong commitment to walk beside each other and to be each other's "place" so we don't need to feel homesick - we are already safely home with each other.

The problem is that we forget so often to invest in our relationships and in each other and we drift away from our home base. We feel that longing for what has been lost, and I genuinely believe we can find it again if we are willing to put in the time and the love to seek out our partner and re-invest in each other. Going from one person to the next each time we drift just makes the longing worse and the homesickness more intense.


Let's take the time and effort to speak love and life into our relationships. Let's remember to tell each other how much we love and appreciate the person we're committed to. Let's recognize where our home is and strengthen our foundations so that we don't drift off and wonder where our "place" in this world is. Love is special - if you have it in your life then you need to nurture it daily. If you don't have it, you will find it one day and when you do, make sure you don't let it slip through your fingers.

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