job interviews and beauty pageants

job interviews are a lot like beauty pageants

I went for a job interview a few days ago - my first since leaving my last job behind me in the dust. It is a very strange feeling polishing up the resume and updating it and looking in the Situations Vacant columns in the newspaper or online (and realizing how few jobs are actually appealing).

I'm being a bit picky at the time being about what sort of job I'd like to move on to. I figure I've got a bit of time to spare before I need to get desperate and start applying for every job that comes along. At the time being I have a few criteria:

  • not full time hours
  • not too far away from home
  • not cleaning other people's houses
  • not showering or toileting or cleaning senior citizens
  • not working late at night or really early in the morning
These criteria are fairly loose because I am trying to go with my strengths - and long hours or being patient and kind with difficult people are not on the 'strengths list'. I'm also quite enjoying doing not-much-at-all and I'm fine with doing not-much-at-all for several more weeks or maybe even months.

Recently I saw a job advertised that was 25 hours a week (tick), admin based (tick), lower hourly rate (no tick!), looked interesting (tick). So I threw together my resume and a cover letter and addressed the selection criteria and sent it off into cyber space and the hands of God.

Much to my surprise, I had a phone call inviting me in for an interview - I said "yes" (of course), then went into a minor tailspin trying to figure out what to wear to an interview when I have been wearing a uniform to work for the last 8+ years! I fossicked through the bowels of my closet and came up with a blouse and pants and shoes and did a bit of deep breathing and off I went to my first interview. I figured, if nothing else, it's good experience and a chance to dip my toe in the ocean of job hunting. It was also a good excuse to get out of my comfy pants and put on a bit of makeup and face the big wide world again.

There was a lovely lady conducting the interview and the office looked nice and it all had a good feel to it. The only problem was that there were five of us being interviewed (out of 55 applicants - so I managed to be in the top 10% - Yay Me!!) and I'm sure we were all more than capable of doing the job. It was a little like being in a beauty pageant where everyone is dolled up, prepped, and eager but there can only be one winner - I think we all wanted the winner's crown - although I'd like to think I'd have settled for getting the Miss Congeniality sash.

This afternoon I received the "thanks but no thanks" phone call - I'd hoped for the winner's crown but apparently was first runner up - close but no trophy or sash. I'm a little bit disappointed - it would have been nice to go straight into something new (good for the ego), but at the same time I know that I really need to take a rest and recharge and enjoy some "me" time (good for the soul) without racing straight back into the daily grind. So the story continues and so does the job search......


  1. Boy you sure don't let any grass grow under your feet! I thought you were going to take several months off not a week's vacation haha! I'm sure when you are ready you will find just the right place for you! Now relax and go ride that bike!

    1. I know Rena - I actually saw this job before I resigned and thought "what the heck?" I realized after going through the process that relaxing for a few months is a MUCH better idea!

  2. Good for you for taking the chance, but also taking your time.

    1. thanks Sharon - it's a head vs heart thing at the time being :)

  3. I've been at the same job for 25 years. I can not imagine having to re-interview for a job. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for sharing at the #AnythingGoes Link Party!

    1. Thanks Sandy - it's a scary leap into the unknown but I was really ready to leave my last job so we'll see where the journey goes....


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