Do you ever wonder where other bloggers come from? I'm an Aussie blogger and this is where I live.


I saw a meme the other day that caught my eye - it summed up exactly what I feel about where I live. I grew up in the suburbs of Western Australia and loved living on the outskirts of our capital city when I was younger. But as time went on and we had children, our life took off on a different course. We decided we wanted to raise our family in a place with room to spare, somewhere to kick a football, or to build a cubby house in the bush, or to just run free without worrying about stranger danger, or traffic problems, or being squeezed into a little block of land surrounded by other little blocks of land. So.....we moved to the country....

This is the meme that reminded me of one of the many things I love about where I live now:

I love living in a place where you can say "let's go into town"


When I read blog posts from all over the world, I realize how sparse my geographical studies have been. I know where the US is, or where Canada is, or India, or the UK - but when you drill it down from there, I'm completely lost. Several of my blogging friends live on or near Vancouver Island - I had to Google Map my way across the world to find it (I didn't even know there was a Vancouver Island until I "met" them!) 

Don't get me started on all the US bloggers - there are so many different places that they hail from and I have no idea about where half of them even live. Some mention their home towns and I have a little browse around Google Maps to see where that might be - but my knowledge of the States of the USA is very limited indeed!


I'm embarrassed to admit that I couldn't even begin to pinpoint where a lot of my fellow Australian bloggers live on a map. The majority of them are from the East coast of Australia and that's a long way from my little neck of the woods. There are so many interesting places that they come from - and I've had to hit my atlas to find them - the place names alone make me smile - Tumbarumba (Deb from Deb's World) and Mooloolabah (Jo from And Anyways) are my top two favourite place names - they're just such fun to say - and I mention them whenever possible so I get to roll those names off my tongue.


Lots of people are more familliar with the Eastern side of Australia than the West. Most people know where Sydney and Melbourne are, but when it comes to Perth in Western Australia they're a little more vague. Then you take it a step further and move out of the city and into the countryside and people are even more lost. So, I thought I'd throw in a little map and geography snippet so that those who read my blog will have a better idea of where I am.


I've bodged together a "From Here - to Here - to Here" map of where we are in the southwest of Western Australia - it's a long way from anywhere else in the world (and from all the current covid problems the rest of the world is experiencing. Our Premier closed our borders to the rest of Australia and to the world - so we're in a weird little bubble that will eventually burst and reality will hit us fair and square between the eyeballs before much longer....but in the meantime we stay hidden away in our little spot at the bottom of the world.

Bunbury Western Australia map


We've lived a little way out of Bunbury for more than 30 years - for the first 23 years we were on a 2 acre block of land in a semi-rural area. Lots of trees, lots of space for the kids to run around, and we even put in a lap pool (that needed a lot of leaf scooping with all those nearby trees!)

Leschenault Western Australia

And for the last 12 years we've been downsized landwise onto a normal sized block, but opposite public open space and riverland - so we still have a feeling of space, but without all the maintenance. No firebreaks, pool cleaning, tree lopping, or worrying so much about bushfires!

Australind Western Australia

We're about 20 minutes from "town" (so that's why I could relate to the meme) - which is Bunbury, and 1½ hours from Perth (our capital city). It's a bit of an excursion for us to go and visit our kids in the "big smoke" and we're always so happy to return to our smaller world here in the country.


I hope that gives you a better idea of where I am and how far away I am from almost everywhere else in the world. Nothing is close to us, but that's not a complaint....I love being tucked away, I love not living in a city, I love "going into town" for a treat, and I love our home and our life. So many people can't say any of that - so I'm even more grateful for somehow ending up in a place that's so lovely - and if I was going to choose somewhere else to live, it would probably be Vancouver Island - so I could hang out with all those lovely bloggers who seem to have ended up over there! (That would be you Erica and Donna - your last get together made me very jealous!)


Where do you hail from? I'll have a link to this post on my blog's Facebook page and I'd love you to leave your location there - it'll give me something to research on Google Maps!


Do you ever wonder where other bloggers come from? I'm an Aussie blogger and this is where I live.

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Do you ever wonder where other bloggers come from? I'm an Aussie blogger and this is where I live.

Do you ever wonder where other bloggers come from? I'm an Aussie blogger and this is where I live.