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How did this happen? I've become addicted to Pinterest! What started out as somewhere to collect a few apt quotes has taken over part of my life. I thought I'd beaten my family heritage of being "collectors" - I'm a Minimalist and proud of it....except in one area - Pinterest!


I know people who use Pinterest as a place to plan their weddings or compile their catering recipes. Others who have Boards dedicated to outfits they'd look great in or things they want to decorate their houses with eventually. But as for me, it is just somewhere I can put my thoughts and a whole heap of pretty pictures and look at them without them clogging up my computer. There is really no rhyme or reason in what I pin - I just love that it is positive and pretty and I learn something new occasionally too.

What I'm also amazed at is that my 'couple of quotes Boards' have grown into couture gowns, random goldfish, cute kittens (there are a lot of them on the internet!), anamorphs, and sunsets. I have pins upon pins upon pins - over 40,000 of them.......I am an addict.

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It does suit my personality - I come from a family of collectors and Pinterest is a very large pool that you can fish in and collect from. One thing leads to another and one Board becomes two and before you know it I'm up to about 50 Boards! It also suits my need to be ordered and tidy - my Boards are in alphabetical order (as they should be!) and I regularly skim through them to delete any double-ups. I hate clutter so it also means I don't have to have anything physical to keep dusted and tidy.

It also shows how much time I have now that I'm an empty nester. I have time to keep my house clean, go to work, cook meals, visit friends and still Pin for hours every week. It is quite a rewarding experience and I must admit to getting a buzz if someone re-pins something of mine. But I must also admit to having a minor rant when someone goes in and "steals" 20 or so of my pins without a blink. It's like buying someone's stamp collection, picking it to pieces, keeping a large chunk and claiming it as your own collection. I felt a lot better when I saw that others have included Pin etiquette about what is acceptable in re-pinning and what is over the top.


I have "followers" - and I LOVE it when someone follows me - it feels like a validation of my taste, or my interests or my thoughts. I am amazed at people who have millions of followers - mind you, I'm amazed I actually now have 13,000 followers - how special is that?......I regularly tell my poor husband how loved I feel by these total strangers!

I'm the only Leanne @crestingthehill on Pinterest, so look me up if you're a fellow addict and we can share the Pinterest love. I just wish they let me do Pinterest for a living - I'd be happy to be paid to look at and pin pretty pictures all day long.

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