midlife blog ~ cresting the hill
Me with my lovely husband, Ross
Hi! I'm Leanne and I live in the lovely southwest of Western Australia. I blog about Midlife, marriage, family, the empty nest, and anything that catches my attention - there's a lot of interesting stuff out there to talk about! I love being part of an online community of women celebrating this stage of life - I get to share my thoughts and life experiences with people all over the world (amazing!)

This is a stage of life where our children are independent adults who are thriving in their own lives. Our parents are older and approaching elderly but are still self-sufficient enough to get by with only a small amount of input from us. We have reached a point where we are financially stable and although we don't have piles of money to spare, we are living our lives comfortably and can afford to work less because we spend less. (Retirement is far enough away that I'll worry about it more when it gets closer to reality.)

Speaking of working less, I currently work 3 days a week in the office of a General Surgeon at our local hospital. I also do some volunteer work at a nearby primary school, and spend the rest of my time blogging, drinking coffee with friends, and generally chilling out. 

Family-wise, I have a lovely husband named Ross who is a family counsellor. We have been married for 34 years and through many ups and downs and in-betweens we are still going strong.

We have two adult 'children' - Jared who is 31 and married to Hannah, and Erin who is 28 and married to Luke. They both moved to the city to go to university and settled there in great jobs, met their spouses and are happy living in the big smoke and making occasional trips back to check we're still alive.

Last year Jared and Hannah had a delightful little girl named Sophia, so I am officially a Nan and also officially in love with that child. The joy of grandchildren was a complete surprise for me - it just keeps getting better as she gets older.

midlife blog ~ cresting the hill
                       Jared and Hannah                                   Erin and Luke                       
I love meeting the people who read my blog so please share your thoughts in the comments section on any of my posts - I really enjoy hearing what people think and appreciate you taking the time to chat. I also have a Facebook page and I'm an avid Pinner and would love to have you follow me there too.

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