#3 focus on your potential instead of your limitations

focus on your potential instead of your limitations

Apparently people with a high level of confidence have just as many weaknesses as those without confidence, but they focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. As I get older I find that it is easy to rest on my laurels and think that I have achieved all that I am going to in this life and basically there is nothing left to do but accept where I am at. A friend of mine once said that she could be anything she wanted to be.....she just didn't know what she wanted to be (and that was the problem). I can certainly relate to that thought.

Being a woman of my generation, I have tended to slip into the path of least resistance when it came to choosing a career (my parents thought it would be a waste over-educating a daughter) and settling for a job that helped pay the bills and keep the family finances in the black when my husband was off on one of his career changing sprees (there have been many of these throughout our married life). I don't think I ever reached my full potential in the area of employment, but I have found a niche where I am good at what I do and it doesn't take over my life. I could choose to think about the opportunities that I didn't take, or I can look at where I am now and the strengths that I have in my chosen field and make the most of the opportunities that arise along the way.

I am starting to feel that I have reached a stage where my life's journey of ups and downs and ins and outs has equipped me to be a sounding board for others who are facing similar
life challenges. I have learnt that you can fight against life or you can flow with it and make the most of the good times. I am doing my best to refuse to allow unreal expectations to control my emotions (this is a work in progress). I am choosing to look at what I have achieved in my marriage and in the life of my children and in my friendships and at work rather than zeroing in on the little nit-picking bits that I'm not happy with. I am gaining confidence in myself and trying to remain true to who I am, rather than being someone who is swayed by the currents of life. I have a lot of strengths and these far outweigh my weaknesses in many areas, so I will celebrate them more in the year ahead and work at improving where I can.

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