choosing between your face and your butt when it comes time to lose weight


You know you are getting older when you start having to make choices that would never have crossed your mind in your younger days. As I look down dismally at the scales and see that little number creeping, creeping, creeping up I have to ask myself how far I'm going to let it go before I start taking some serious action?

For years my weight sat around a fairly stable figure but since menopause started to raise its ugly head, I'm finding that the waist is getting a little thicker and the scales are getting a little scarier.


The big question is how do I keep my butt and "gut" from ballooning and still keep some fullness in my face? I've seen so many photos of midlife movie stars who are looking fantastic figure wise, but their faces are edging into the haggard area. Jutting cheek bones go hand in hand with sunken eyes and craggier noses. They may combat it to some degree by squirting fat back into their cheeks and lifting their sagging eyes, but for someone like me that is not an option.

It is a fine balance trying to maintain a little bit of my youth while my body is slipping slowly but surely into midlife spread. My nose is big enough already - I don't need to have it emphasized any further by losing my face shape. On the other hand, my jowls are developing rapidly (JOWLS!) and I'm not sure if gaining or losing weight is going to give me back my jawline again.


I'm too scared to go jogging in case all that bouncing around speeds up the drooping of my face (and boobs) - not to mention wrecking my already dodgy hip (another joy of getting older - the dodgy joints!) I've also noticed that all runners look miserable - not sure why and not wanting to find out! The thought of pumping iron at the gym turns me cold and swimming in a heated chlorinated pool isn't going to improve my skin tone. The trouble is that I can only cut back my eating to a certain point - I'm not prepared to live on lettuce leaves and celery for the next 40 or so years. My relationship with potatoes is legendary and there are very few pleasures left for midlifers - food is one of them.

There must be a balance somewhere (and I'm pretty sure it's right up there with the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything). That answer was apparently 42 - and maybe the answer to face vs butt is to age gracefully and have a soft lap for my future grandchildren, but also to do my best to stay healthy and trim-ish and not look any older than I have to - that's a pretty big task when I come to think about it. One step at a time.....

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