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Really??? I mean Really???

Okay, I couldn't let this go by without some sort of comment. A friend of mine sent me a link to the "Your Tattoos make you a Horrible Mother" facebook page. Really??? I mean Really??? It has over 17,000 likes - I'm not even sure how this kind of hating on people gets to be so popular.

There is even a post about FIS - Foetal Ink Syndrome & TITS (hmmm) Tattoo Induced Toxicity Syndrome - where the foetus or the mother's breast milk apparently absorbs ink from the mother's tattoos and this is a possible cause of autism and/or death.....Really???? I mean Really???

There are a lot of vehement responses to the various posts, refuting all the "data" mentioned, because it is a beyond-ridiculous way to judge someone's mothering ability. Not to mention lumping every tattooed woman under the umbrella of jailbird, STD carrier, druggie, baby killer and goodness-knows-what. How a tattoo has any bearing on your mothering skills is beyond me. Lucky for these shining examples of perfect children pictured above, their "normal" "pure skinned" mothers got it all right - including the call to "shun the gun" and "think, don't ink"

According to the fount of knowledge who set this page up: "Children of tattooed mothers can only look forward to, provided they even survive childhood, a life of drug and alcohol abuse, ankle monitors, debilitating carnival ride accidents, and bitching at people like me on the internet." All those poor children who are destined to die before reaching adulthood because their mothers got a butterfly tattooed on their ankle to celebrate a milestone. Not to mention the ones who have mothers who loved them so much that they had their offspring's names tattooed on their shoulder......do they put a line through each name as that child sinks hopelessly into a life of drug and alcohol abuse?

When did we become so vitriolic in our judgement of other people's choices? Surely it is no-one else's business whether you choose to have a tattoo or not, and there is enough guilt tripping placed on mothers without adding a bucket load of weirdly researched information that condemns them even further. I'm sure most children don't give a hoot if their mum or dad has a tattoo (or ten) - they have more important things to worry about.....like what interesting things has mum put in my school lunch box today? Or what play equipment will I use at recess? Or will I get invited to my classmate's birthday party?

Let's all be a little kinder to each other and stop shoveling hate onto people for the sake of being self righteous. I would like to think that kindness and acceptance are more important than being 'pure skinned' when it comes to keeping our children from the terrible fates predicted by this facebooker's page.


  1. It is much easier to judge than to be judged. Sounds like a bully page. I guess they need their 15 minutes of fame in a negative vein. As my husband always says, when some people open their mouths all it shows is their stupidity. Headed to the page now -- I don't have any tatoos but this angers me.

    1. Hi Carol, Yes it made me cross too - just such a stupid thing to be making judgments about - there are a lot bigger issues to get on a bandwagon about in today's world.

  2. I'm much more worried about the message these self-righteous mothers are sending to their children than I am about the tattooed mother's children. Every time I think I've heard how ridiculous people can be, I hear about something like this. Sigh.

    1. Exactly Lana! I think the whole thing is ridiculous but there are thousands who seem to "like" it so that is a bit of a poor reflection on some of our society.....


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