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I love sharing little snippets, so I thought I'd do a weekly round up of the interesting little quotes and pictures and memes that have caught my eye lately. I hope you enjoy them too - feel free to pin them or share them with other people if they resonate with you. I've turned off the comments on these posts because they're just a fun Saturday post to look at, enjoy and move on - hopefully with a smile on your face or with something to think about.


This quote was a great reminder that nothing in our emotional repertoire is finite - we have an abundance of wonderful thoughts, feelings and emotions that we can tap into every day and share with others. What a fantastic concept!

The amazing thing about love and appreciation is that they're infinite


Well it's back to work for me this week - unfortunately my ship didn't come in carrying a cargo of cash, so it's nose to the grindstone for another year. I really can't complain too much about my job, but after 3 weeks of holidays it was VERY hard to get out of bed for my first day back! This little meme was me last Sunday night :) 

I don't want to go back to work!


I often pop across to the Donald Miller Storyline Blog - it is full of interesting little articles that get me thinking. This is one of them entiled The Simple Step to Becoming a Remarkably Likeable Person. I'd never heard of Social Jiu Jitsu before, but I really liked the concept and I'm hoping to apply it more this year.


This last thought was a beautiful summary of what a lovely life looks like - it strips away the gloss and competition and pares things back to what really matters. Living life elegantly and to know what real wealth is - just said in such a wonderful way.

To live content with small means and to seek elegance rather than luxury

And if you missed Monday's post about handling difficult people (it ties in with my Funny meme I shared today!) you can read it HEREHave a great weekend! xx 

Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the internet come together in one place

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