Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen this week come together in one place


Here's the latest little snippets from all over the place that caught my eye and I thought were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them too - feel free to pin them or share them with other people if they resonate with you. I've turned off the comments on these posts because they're just a fun Saturday post to look at, enjoy and move on - hopefully with a smile on your face or with something to think about.


When the time came to hand in my notice at work, I was ready and able to do it with a sense of empowerment - and with a calm and civil tone and attitude. Losing the plot when you're under stress often works against us - staying in control works so much better. I loved this quote from 

the ultimate measure of your strength is remaining calm in any situation #marcandangel #quote


A friend shared this Jon Kudelka cartoon on Facebook the other day - it gave me a smile. 

Jon Kudelka cartoon #midlife #humor


I find that life is all about balance. Almost every time something resonates with me it's because it reminds me that there is a perfect tension to a well lived life. Too much or too little will always cause us stress, getting the balance right - breathing and letting go of what we can't control - always brings the best results.

Find balance in your life - getting the balance right means taking a breath and letting go. #balance #lettinggo


After a month of adjusting to the changes that come from leaving my job behind and having some headspace again, I found this article really interesting and full of great advice on how to wake up smiling every day. Each of the 9 points resonated with me in some way and I thought you might enjoy it too.

9 ways to wake up smiling every day #midlife #saturdaysnippets

On that note, I hope you're following along with my AtoZ of the List of More - if you missed either of them, here's the links to my latest posts on the letter "E" - Enjoyment through Engagement and "F" - Fearless and Fabulous.

Have a great weekend! xx

Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen this week come together in one place

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