Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife


Here's the latest little snippets from all over the place that caught my eye and I thought were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them too - feel free to pin them or share them with other people if they resonate with you. I've turned off the comments on these posts because they're just a fun Saturday post to look at, enjoy and move on - hopefully with a smile on your face or with something to think about.


I saw this wonderful quote from and loved it for celebrating all of us who don't fit the "perfect" mold. We may have lived lives that are "tattered tapestries" but we're beautiful and glorious in our own way - I love that!

I also HAD to include this quote that I saw on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It's just beautiful and I something that will stay in my mind for a long time to come. Who wouldn't want to be aged like sea glass? Not flashy, not brittle, not dull, just smooth and "zen".

I want to age like sea glass, smoothed by tides - not broken #quotes


This quote reminded me that we're given one precious life to live and we shouldn't let our age hold us back from pursuing what brings us joy. We don't have to compete, we don't have to rush and keep up, we can choose our path, our speed, and our destination - then just get there at our own pace - when we're ready.

Don't let your age determine how you respond to life. Your life is yours to live how ever you want to - go out there and shine your light. #quotes

I also wanted to share a snippet from a wonderful Facebook post by Amy Weatherly. She talks about the kind of people she loves (you can read the full post HERE) and this little nugget really spoke to me - let's march to the beat of our own drums and cheer on all those other women who are marching to their own tunes and thriving in this wonderful stage of Midlife. 

I like people who give compliments - Amy Weatherly #inspirationalquotes


While we're on the subject of age and numbers, this made me smile - I'm wondering if that means the next 50 years of childhood will be a bit easier? 

The first 50 years of childhood are always the hardest - #funny #quotes


I'm becoming such a fan girl for the Unbusy Movement and the Slow Movement. Both make so much sense to me these days. The constant rush just does my head in. I read this really interesting article on No Sidebar that says perfectly that It's Ok to Stop Doing It All.

I loved this last part:

What if we stopped celebrating doing it all as a measure of success and self-worth? What if instead, we celebrated togetherness, gratitude, contentment, and well-being with the people we love?

Sometimes we need to just stop and find time for ourselves - it's ok to stop doing it all. #slowliving
It's Ok to Stop Doing It All


On Monday I'll be sharing why I'm loving being "Unbusy" in retirement. As I mentioned above, I've really come to embrace the slower pace of living and the sheer bliss of being out of the rat race. Living life on my own terms, in my own lane makes so much sense to me - and it means I'm a winner of so much more than those who just want to be chief rat!

stepping out of the rat race and living life at our own speed and on our own terms means we've finally won first prize. #quotes

I'll leave you on that positive note, and I hope you're following along with my AtoZ of the List of More - if you've missed any then here is my latest one Q for the Quiet of Thoreaux's Walden (I loved writing this post so much!) and you can follow the links at the end of that post for more.

Have a great weekend! xx

Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife

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