Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife


Here's the latest little snippets from all over the place that caught my eye and I thought were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them too - feel free to pin them or share them with other people if they resonate with you. I've turned off the comments on these posts because they're just a fun Saturday post to look at, enjoy and move on - hopefully with a smile on your face or with something to think about.


I wrote a post in October last year about shedding our shells. I love the idea that we can discard what no longer serves us. I saw this beautiful quote from Emily Maroutian and felt like it was perfect to kick off today's little Saturday Snippets. It's wonderful to be able to move on and not miss what's been left behind.

As we grow older we let go a little at a time - slowly shedding all the unnecessary parts of our lives. #lifequotes

I also came across a different version of the same idea - about the baggage we carry, taking time to unpack and discard what no longer serves us and then repacking the important stuff - and travelling light.

We all have a gag that we pack differently. We need to figure out what to take out and what to keep as we grow older. Hannah Brencher #lifequotes


I've had a bit of a family fallout with my brother not feeling very kindly towards me lately. It's so easy to take offence and to choose to be annoyed by petty little things. I keep coming back to the thought that I'm just too old for that sort of thing these days. As 60 looms on the not-too-distant horizon, I just want to let all that stuff go. I feel like life is short and I'm becoming a "live and let live" kind of gal these days and that's why I enjoyed this Jacob Nordby quote so much. 

Life is short - we don't have a second to waste on petty drama or living fake, shallow lives. #quotes

I also saw this quote on Facebook recently that was what life really is all about. What we should be focusing on and what makes Midlife so fabulous.

Live for the little things in life because it's the little things that really are what's important. #lifequotes


I figure most people would know that we're cat lovers and have two cats with polar opposite personalities. Our newest baby, Luna, just loves our older cat and wants to be near her wherever possible (much to Flit's disgust). I saw this great cartoon from Cat versus Human and it reminded me immediately of what poor Flit puts up with every day. Our cats have two identical beds, but Luna will never use hers - she just squeezes in with poor old Flit - who is now resigned to it all (and probably enjoys the extra warmth).

cats enjoying each other's company via #catlove

our cats enjoying each other's company #catlove
The expression on Flit's face - priceless!


I just had to share this post from Marc and Angel Hack Life it sums up so beautifully a lot of the lessons I've learned about choosing how to view your life and what "success" actually looks like when you're living the way you want to - and not how you think you should be living. I hope you pop over and read it and find that you can tick a lot of these boxes too: 16 Reasons You're Succeeding in Life
This is what a truly successful life looks like


I had a bit of a Midlife Moment a while back when I actually said "No" to something that I normally would have taken on and done. I felt a twinge of guilt (much less than I used to feel about things!) but such a sense of release and relief for not having agreed to taking back a task that I'd previously passed on to someone else. I saw this quote come up on Facebook the next day and it was such an affirmation for me and my "No" moment.

It's okay to say NO - #quotes

I'll leave you on that positive note, and I hope you're following along with my AtoZ of the List of More - if you've missed any then here is my latest one R for Resilience and if you enjoyed it you can follow the links at the end of that post for more.

Have a great weekend! xx

Saturday Snippets - where the best things I've seen on the itnernet come together in one place #Saturday #snippets #midlife

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