Some little snippets from all over the internet about the funny, thoughtful, and spiritual side of Christmas. #Christmas


I love Christmas and thought I'd finish my Saturday Snippets series with some Christmas snippets from all over the interwebbities (and also from my own posts). I hope you enjoy them and that you're looking forward to Christmas as much as I am.


I love the idea of redefining Christmas back into something that's simple and family focused, something that shies away from the gaudy (although I do love Christmas lights and a bit of twinkle and sparkle!) All things in moderation seems to be where I'm heading with Christmas as I get older - less of everything and more love.

From now on I'm redefining Christmas in a way that suits my family; rather than trying to fit into old traditions. LLC #Christmasquotes

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. #Christmasquotes


As I just mentioned above, I'm so tired of the consumerism of Christmas - it seems to fly in the face of all that Christmas represents. The birth of Christ gets lost in all the tinsel and the ringing of cash registers. I hope you take a moment and pause to remember why we have this celebration each year.

God's infinite love - what better gift than this? #HolyChristmas

and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:14 #Christmasscripture


There are so many great Christmas memes out there. Here are two that gave me a laugh.

I ate the baby Jesus from our Christmas Nativity #Christmashumor

One door closes another one opens..... #Christmashumor

wait there's myrrh... #Christmashumor


I loved this quote from Abundant Life With Less - it ties in beautifully with what I'll be posting about on Monday - we need to define Christmas on our own terms and what works for our family.

Loosen your grip on traditions and enjoy grace and Christmas for what it is. #Christmasquotes
from Abundant Life With Less FB

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday Snippets throughout the year and also my alternate Saturday posts on becoming More (my WOTY). If you missed any of my "More" posts you can find them in my Becoming More Wrap Up post (HERE). 

I can't wait to share Monday's post which is all about re-defining Christmas and choosing to have an UnBusy Christmas - I hope you'll be back to read some more.

Have a great weekend! Less than two weeks until Christmas! xx

Some little snippets from all over the internet about the funny, thoughtful, and spiritual side of Christmas. #Christmas

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