3 areas of life to cultivate and focus your energy into that will lead to you thriving in Midlife.


Every January since I started blogging I've chosen a Word of the Year instead of making New Year's resolutions. Previous words have been Release, Embrace, Rise, Enough, More, Symphony, and for this year, I chose "Cultivate". I had mulled several words over in my head, but the idea of consciously setting out to cultivate aspects of my life that would lead to me thriving as I headed towards 60 just seemed to fit what I was looking for.

I originally came across the word in Brene Brown's "Daring Greatly" book and a pin I saw online that summed up the 10 areas of life we need to cultivate to live Wholeheartedly. It got me thinking about what areas of my life I wanted to grow more in, where I wanted to deepen my life, and where I wanted to focus my energy.

Brene Brown - Daring Greatly - Cultivating Wholehearted Living


There are lots of little things I've been putting my energy into this year, things that have become more important to me as I've emerged from lockdown and returned to the new normal that we're all living in these days. I've come to see that it's the small things in life that matter to me - not travelling the world, not writing the Great Australian Novel, not setting the world on fire......just making choices that reconnect me to my world and give me a sense of peace. 

I thought I'd share three areas that have been on my mind this year that I've been doing my best to cultivate and invest myself into.


Blogging has been a wonderful way for me to connect with women all over the world. I've made many, many virtual friendships and interacted with so many women who are positive, encouraging, and proactive in how they're approaching their 50's, 60's and onwards. They inspire me every day with the ideas they share in their blog posts, the activities they're involved in, the pastimes, studies, hobbies etc they tackle, and just the commonalities we all have at this age and stage.

The one small problem with online friendships is that I can sit at home all day in my pajamas interacting with lots of people, and feel like I'm being social.....when in fact I haven't had a face to face conversation for days. This was all fine when we were in isolation, but as life has kicked back in, I've realized I needed to cultivate my IRL friendships - to seek out other women in my area and make the effort to engage with them. It's been tough putting myself back out there, stretching myself and re-connecting, but I know it's worth it. Every time I step out into the community and engage, I nourish a part of me that had been neglected....and it brings balance between the real and the virtual aspects of my life. Cultivating connections in the real world has been a big one for me in 2021.


Another area I've been feeling the need to invest in is my creative side. I'm a dyed in the wool Left Brain person - Logical should have been my middle name! I've never seen myself as being arty or crafty (I used to call myself the Anti-Craft back in my younger days!) and I've tended to steer away from anything that involved using the right side of my brain. But, that's not a balanced way to live, and now I have more time on my hands I thought it would be interesting to explore that area and see if anything caught my attention.

Surprisingly I realized that I already had a little bit of creativity rooted in my life - my blogging is an expression of that side of me, and I also love colouring-in, and I've tried my hand at stained glass - which I loved, but it was a bit expensive to pursue long term. This year a couple of things have caught my eye - first it was hand lettering/calligraphy, which appealed because it has structure and the art of writing beautifully. I've been working on my technique and slowly getting better, lots more to learn - but a really interesting challenge. Another area I've suddenly taken a fancy to is collage - I just love it and find it really relaxing and the pictures I've created are actually really pretty (who'd have thought?!) I feel like this is a whole new side of me - the right side is finally catching up with the left side of my brain! I'm dedicating a whole post to this next week - so stay tuned!

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. Kurt Vonnegut
(The background image is one of my first collages)


This year has definitely been about cultivating contentment in my life. I've finally acknowledged that for most of my life I've carried a small, constant load of worry on my shoulders - worry about our finances, worry about work stuff, worry about our future, worry about all sorts of little things. And over the last year or so I've let a lot of that worry go. Working my way through the process of transitioning from work to retirement helped me see that we are doing fine, that we've made good choices that have brought us to a good place. There really is no need to worry because things are really good.

I live a very happy life these days, I've been able to put all the decades of work behind me, and I've come to appreciate how blessed I am to live the life I have right now. Some days I feel like I need to pinch myself because I'm "living the dream" - life on my own terms, lived the way I like, surrounded by people I love, doing things I enjoy. No timetable, no pressure, no agendas, nothing to lose and nothing to prove - what more could I ask for? Contentment has just steadily grown in my heart - cultivated through all the years of hard work that have brought me to this point - life is very good indeed.


Well, those are the three areas I've been cultivating this year to bring some balance and growth into my life. How are things going in your world? Are you cultivating the areas of your life that needed a bit of love and attention? Are you thriving and feeling like life's good? Or do you need to do a little bit of weeding and watering to get things back on track? 

If there's a particular area of life you've been cultivating and you'd like to share it here as a guest, feel free to email me (leanne.crestingthehill@gmail.com) because I love sharing my blog with other writers - it's one of the joys of blogging.


3 areas of life to cultivate and focus your energy into that will lead to you thriving in Midlife.

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3 areas of life to cultivate and focus your energy into that will lead to you thriving in Midlife.
3 areas of life to cultivate and focus your energy into that will lead to you thriving in Midlife.