The A-Z Challenge ~ Why Midlife's Fabulous ~ It's Under Estimated


I always thought that being "Middle Aged" would be a dull and dreary time of life. I was so wrong because what I've found instead is that this stage of life, and who I am in the midst of it, is pretty darn fine. Midlifers like me have a lot to offer - we're not callow youths who have no life experience or wisdom. We're mature people who have lived and loved, worked and played, lost friends and found new ones, and the list goes on. We have so much life experience we hardly know what to do with it all!


So often we don't give ourselves enough credit for what we bring to the table, and in doing so we accept a lot less than what we deserve. It's time to take stock and give ourselves credit for reaching the Midlife milestone and in doing so we should expect others to lift their game when it comes to dealing with us.

There have been many times when I have accepted less than what I was due. I have let myself play second fiddle because it's easier than fighting to get the recognition I've rightly earned. Staying in a job where I knew I wasn't appreciated because I didn't think I was employable any more was a big mistake. Having enough confidence in myself to walk away and see what else was out there was the beginning of a lot of changes in my life - the first being a brand new job which is so much better than the one I left behind. I've learned some new skills, discovered blogging and made new friends.


Midlife is a time to embrace the lessons we've learned and to acknowledge that we have a lot to offer. We are strong, vibrant, wise and pretty darn wonderful. No more hiding our lights to keep others happy - it's time to lift the lid on life let ourselves shine! Life just keeps getting better and better and it's up to us to let those coming up behind us know that it's going to be a great time to be alive!

Midlife is a great time to be alive

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  1. I'm doing a project at work where I am dealing with intergenerational issues. I still believe, with a lot of effort, we can really get the best out of everyone based on what they bring to the table. That would be the older generation with their wisdom of "awesome idea! Here's why it failed a decade ago", the millennials in bringing new ways of working to the table, and now I'm not sure where that leaves my generation. Possibly in trying to figure out how to turn all that into some sort of deliverable? It's been an interesting jump no longer being "the young one". But I like the experience - and the calm confidence I get in having that experience - behind what I do. I look forward to that just growing as I round in on mid life! - Louise

  2. I am loving your pearls of wisdome Leanne; have to catch up on my posts reading on yours!! So glad to find you on #atoz
    I intend to stay on as a regular reader :-)


    ​Unzymotic Road Trip

  3. Hear hear Leanne! I'm popping over to read your post about your brand new job where you feel valued. I really look forward to visiting your lovely, positive blog about midlife.
    Tolerance #Lexicon of Leaving

  4. I have enjoyed every stage of my life - all the ups gave me great joy and the downs taught me. Midlife is no different. I am enjoying that too.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Umbrellas can ...

  5. "Not only do things get better, sometimes they get downright amazing." I love that!!

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Ugli Fruit

  6. Sadly, my midlife hasn't been all that amazing (thanks, chronic illness), but I am enjoying your take on it. Our society puts so much emphasis on youth - both as an ideal and the "kids today are horrible!" mentality - and in protecting the elderly, that not much is written about midlife. Thanks for tackling it!

    @dSavannahCreate from
    (not writing for #AtoZ2017)

  7. Leanne, thank you for this post. I agree that midlife can be amazing. I have more confidence and hopefully wisdom than I did as a young adult. I also have more freedom, as my children are grown and I've saved a little money. I'm looking forward to retirement and having more time for new adventures--but I'm not waiting until then to enjoy life. I remind myself daily to live in the now! Cheers from one middle-ager to another!

  8. I just love the positive attitude coming from your posts, Leanne! They are certainly telling me I have nothing to be afraid of!

  9. I love your posts, Leanne. Thanks for the positive spin you put on life.

  10. Was it Nice & Easy who always preached, "you're not getting older, you're just getting better"?
    Or am I so damn old that I misremember?!!

  11. I look forward to reading your posts in the linkup each week - not just for the message, but the optimism. It's what loving' life is all about. #TeamLovinLife

  12. Here, here! I allowed myself to get walked over and taken advantage of a young girl. Not anymore. We do need to celebrate our achievements more, and acknowledge the incredible amount of wisdom we have gained over the years. I love how you remind us of these things each week Leanne. Thank you! #TeamLovinLife

  13. Inspiring words and thoughts, Leanne!

    SSG xxx

  14. Yes!, and it just gets better and better, occasional body aches and pains notwithstanding

  15. I agree Leanne. I think it has a lot to do with your attitude and approach, just like most things :) #TeamLovinLife

  16. Thank you for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared your post on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  17. I was struggling a bit with the ageing caper before a bloggy friend set up a FB group for some 'mature' aged bloggers and I started reading a lot of new blogs and realised I still had some archaic notions of middle age.

    I don't have kids (and was still trying to get pregnant in my 40s when still single) so feel like a bit of a late bloomer anyway!

  18. And with under-estimated can come 'taken for granted', which is something that I've definitely put a stop to as I 'mature'! #lovinlifelinky

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