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I often wonder how you decide if you did a good job of parenting your children. So many people struggle with putting in the effort and then having their adult children turn their backs on everything and make some truly awful decisions. It is so hard to be a mother of a child who makes wrong choices over and over again. Fortunately those children are in the minority. 


For most of us, there is a sense of satisfaction in seeing our children launch themselves into the world and find their own way to a good life. It has been so rewarding watching both our children exceed us in their education and in their careers. They have both progressed further and faster than we did at their age and it is a testimony to their diligence and commitment to study, and a strong work ethic that got them there. (I'd like to think that we had a little bit of input too!)

But it's not just how well they've done in their material world, it's also about the type of people they are becoming. As a mother I think I am even more pleased to see them mature and make good decisions and become really good human beings. It's nice to see them contributing to the world and investing in other people.


It's an honour as a mother to have produced children who have turned out to be good people. Although I know in the back of my mind that it is by luck as much as by design, I am still relieved and pleased to know they are adding value to our society and not adding to the problems of the world. My heart goes out to parents who are struggling with children who are breaking their hearts with their life choices - no parent should have to go through that. I truly believe that the foundations we put into our children when they are young will eventually show through and that is the hope that these parents hold to. I just keep praying every day for my kids and I am so thankful they turned out to be adults I can be proud of.

Ours are coming home for the Easter break and I can't wait to see them and their spouses and our little granddaughter. Life is good when your kids are independent, and even better when they like returning to the nest every so often for a visit. 

Happiness is when your kids turn out to be good people

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  1. This was very heartwarming to read. I love to hear about how kids turn out as they grow up, leave the nest and out into the world. Your warmth and pride comes through so eloquently in this piece. Proud grandparent as well you should be.

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  2. Congratulations to you on a job well done. Very nice to read about your children.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere Kite Flying

  3. A wonderful post. Adult kids are amazing. I greatly appreciate how our grown children keep in contact with us. Both of them call, text, email and keep us up-to-date in the latest happenings. And I love how they can now give ME advice when I ask!

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
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  4. Ah, great and timely piece. My daughter is 18 and just come home for the Easter break. When she left for university in September I felt a great sense of achievement. We had raised her to adulthood, healthy, confident, clever, kind thoughtful and smart. She has a kind of wisdom already and I love that. Of course, we loved her when she was a baby, toddler and child and sometimes I miss that. But, overall, I like her better like this. The benefit of adult children is that they are independent therefore we don't have to worry so much. How lucky am I.

  5. My adult sons are my best friends. They both live pretty far away from me, so our visits are all too rare. Whenever we get together with our adult kids, their wives, and our grandchildren, we always have a wonderful time! But -- It's precious, too, to spend time talking with my adult sons one-on-one (without all the other family members). I'm proud of both of my adult sons, and I so much enjoy watching how they interact with their families and how they are such good dads.

  6. That is the true reward. When your kids WANT to spend time with you!
    And you WANT to spend time with them! ;)

  7. You know I wonder about that a lot. In High School I had a classmate whose parents were both alcoholics, and as a consequence always struggling to get / keep jobs, pay bills, etc. My friend must have made a conscious decision that she was going to be different. She kept her room clean (and locked), had summer jobs to pay for her clothes and to go out on weekends, had a few (older) friends with cars (and money) who would rescue her when she couldn't take it anymore at home. She wasn't a super great student, but she made it, got herself a job and is doing well as far as I know. She's my poster child for positive outcomes against the worst preconditions.
    Of course, sadly, there are kids of reasonable, decent parents who screw up in life, and nobody knows why.
    Congratulations on the foundation you provided, and happy Easter with your (grand)kids, Leanne!

  8. Our adult sons and their families have been both our greatest joys and deepest sorrows. Our relationships have been the stuff of TV shows for the good and for the drama. In the end, we decided that we lived just too close to our adult kids and moved from minutes to 4 hours away. It was the right decision. We are closer to them and have a different perspective. It is still a very sore subject however.

  9. Beautifully written Leanne. I feel exactly the same way about our two adult children. We are extremely proud of ours as they have both made something of their lives. We caught up with our daughter in Brisbane yesterday as she has to work over Easter and our son is coming for dinner tonight. We treasure the time we get to spend with them. :) #TeamLovinLife

  10. I love that photo! And yes, I am happy our kiddies turned out to be kind and principled. Good peeps!

  11. My son lives locally. We are fortunate he is in our lives but a big communicator he isn't. Still, that's OK. Alana ramblinwiham.blogspot.com

  12. I can't wait to get home from holidays to see our 19year old. I've loved her from before she was born, but these days I treasure the laughs and the chats so much more. She's grown into a person I'd like to spend time with - even if she wasn't my daughter...& she has a wickedly quick & dry sense of humour.

  13. Ah yes. Kids who are now adults. Yes, yes. Now there's a whole other set of highs, lows, head scratches and stressors you don't think about when you first give birth. I haven't experienced it with my own kids yet but I have with my step daughter. Lots of pride, lots of wonder and a fair dose of swearing.

  14. Congratulations on raising great kids. I think it is less luck and more good parenting. I, too, am enjoying the adults my daughters turned out to be!

  15. I feel the same about my kids :-) . They are a joy!


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