The A-Z Challenge ~ Why Midlife's Fabulous ~ Gorgeous Grandbabies


One of the most fabulous parts of Midlife is the joy of sharing in the blessing of the next generation. To see your children's children and to be allowed to participate in loving them and revelling in their cuteness is beyond words. To be part of the life of a happy and sun-shiny grandbaby fills my heart with gratitude every day.


Our son and daughter-in-law have given us two delightful granddaughters. I'm not sure how they figured all their parenting skills out, but they are doing amazingly well with them. They are the happiest little souls and are becoming great friends. Their mum is investing time and patience in encouraging their relationship to build caring and sharing, rather than competition or jealousy. She wants them to be sisters who love each other and not those who have not connection.

The grandgirls visiting

The girls and their mum and dad live a couple of hours away from us in the city and we've juggled visits up to them, and longer visits down here from them, so we can get to know them and have some quality grandparent time. We drive up to the city more often these days - because we don't want them to forget who we are - and the added bonus is that we get to see our adult kids more regularly too - win/win!


My belief is that grandparents are there to be the cheer squad. To trust our children will be better parents than we were - that they will put all we taught them into practice and refine it with their own way of doing things. It is not our role to judge or criticize their decisions and choices, but to be part of the support team and to listen and reassure them that they're great parents (and they are!) I love that we're young enough in Midlife to enjoy the fun of a little one in our lives, and flexible enough to be able to spend time with her whenever the opportunity arises.

Being a Nana in Midlife - we are so cool!

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  1. I am very envious. None of my five kids even have a partner at the moment so I can see and grandkids on the horizon. Sophia is gorgeous. You are right, we do have to just trust our kids will be better parents than us.

  2. Lovely little grandbaby. You are lucky they live close enough to visit. We have 2 in another state and one in London but thanks to technology can keep in reasonable touch but its not the same as hands on.
    G for Gates and grates
    Carmel | Earlier Years

  3. Sophia is gorgeous. Not quite as gorgeous as mine of course, but still gorgeous. Treasure those times with her. Mine are all far away and like crgalvin I am grateful for technology - but not the same.

  4. Aaaawww, isn't she a cutie pie!
    I like what you're saying about not interfering with your kids' parenting style, I'm lucky that my parents think alike. I wouldn't be able to handle their criticism and would probably punish them (and my own kid) by limiting visits.
    I hope I'll have the joy and honor to be a grandma, too - in the far future, that is!

  5. Your grandbaby is so sweet. Someday I hope I'll have grandkids too.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Great minds

  6. Oh, yes. We are expecting our very first grandchild - a baby girl - in the middle of next month. We are over the moon excited. I like the way you describe us as mother's who have become grand. I'll be a rockin' granny, that's for sure. My Virtual Vineyard

  7. Sophia is beautiful! My mom and dad are a huge part of - and help with - life with my two daughters. I remember before I had kids my mom joking how she wasn't going to babysit often because "she'd done her job and it was time to relax". I think instead this meant "please don't take advantage" because she and my dad have been so helpful with our girls. And my eldest and my mom really connect on the creative front which is wonderful - whole imaginary stories they develop together. They live very nearby which is easier - but we make sure they see their other granny too who is about an hour away. She's their more glamourous granny - so they love her doing their nails and buying them crafts and such. - Louise

  8. I became a gramma almost 9 years ago. I was 41. My daughter was a single mom and from the first moment we found out we were to be grandparents we were in love with that wee girl. I was in the delivery room with my daughter, and her poppa was the first one to ever hold her. Our granddaughter loves that story! My grandson is now 6, I was there when he was born too. My daughter was happily married at this point. The love for our grandbabies is so deep and you can not explain it until you experience it.

  9. Ah, a topic close to my heart. Grandbabies! Our four grandchildren used to live close enough that we could help out when needed, and attend their activities, but they moved last year... a 12 hour drive from here. They came to visit a week ago, and after they returned to their home, my daughter sent me a text telling how one of them was in bed crying because she misses grandma. Made me cry too!

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  10. I'm in my (35+) late thirties? and I know soon I will become 'grand'not that soon, but time has been flying !
    lovely explanation of being 'grand'before a mother.

  11. Awwww..Sophia is such a cutie....haha..love the...blessed and suddenly became grand line....

  12. Gorgeous granddaughter! Lots of grandparents these days have to be day-cares for their grandkids thanks to childcare prices I reckon. I'll never have grandkids as I don't want kids :)

    Ghazal - Love

  13. I'm 63 and a few years back I LONGED for grandbabies. I have had to pull myself into gear and just accept, that I might not ever have any. I cried about it but I'm good now. One son, died - another son seems to be a confirmed happy bachelor and the youngest son, is in a relationship - if it goes well, in about 2-3 years MAYBE. Meanwhile, I love and adore my animals.

    I also worked as a Early Education professional so I spent 30 years with little ones. I don't believe I want to ever potty train a child again, nor do I want to do any heavy duty babysitting. It would be nice - as long as they don't want to "use me".

  14. I haven't gotten to that phase yet, but know it will be amazing. I had wonderful relationships with my grandparents as my own kids do with theirs. It is so special. Have fun with Sophia. WeekendsInMaine

  15. Sophia is beautiful and does have an inquisitive look. Only children I have are cats and they won't have any kittens so I will not be a "grand" ever although, I do have nieces and nephews and they have children and their children have children so I am Aunt Pat the Great. :)

  16. I imagine this is one of the best parts - to have a cute little baby around to love and cherish :)

  17. Great to read you are treasuring your time with Sophia and travel to visit. I think it is totally worth the effort.

    A to Z Theme: Sharing Family History via #GenealogyPhotoADay
    Regaeds Fran from TravelGenee Blog

  18. I love that quote of yours. We were just mothers who became grand. I'm not a grandmother yet :) Lovely photo of your first grandchild.

    Hindsight #Lexicon of Leaving

  19. We have a Sophie in our family too - a grand niece but I have three adorable grandchildren and feel really thrilled when people look at me and ask if I'm the mom when I go pick them up from school!

  20. I think being a grandmother is the best job there is. I have two grandkids and hope to have more. They are the light of my life. Thanks for sharing at Over The Moon Party. Hope you come back next week so I can stop by again. Ihope you will stop by Thursday Favorite Things tomorrow.


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