The A-Z Challenge ~ Why Midlife's Fabulous ~ Invisible? Not Me!


A couple of years ago I wrote a post about feeling invisible in Midlife - only to find I have had a complete about face and don't feel in the slightest bit invisible anymore - it's amazing what a change of perspective can do for your confidence!

I mentioned in there that I felt it would be hard competing with young attractive women when it came to looking for a new job. I couldn't have been more wrong! I found out (once I took the risk and put myself out there) that experience and confidence is just as attractive to a would-be employer as youth and vitality. In fact, a lot of employers prefer a well presented older woman because we are reliable and have a great work ethic.


I've come to realize that being seen has a lot to do with the face you present to the world. I don't mean that we get seen more if we are dolled up and made up, I mean our attitude and how it reflects from our face is what makes all the difference. If we are happy and positive and living life with zest, then that shows - it's attractive to other people and we aren't invisible. Bright, sparkly people attract notice and people want to help you in a store because you look like someone who would be pleasant and easy to deal with. Grumpy faced, miserable middle aged women are ignored (and maybe rightly so!)


I love that life has taken me on a journey of discovery that is moving me forward and making me less "invisible". I'm working on my attitude towards myself and towards others. Having a face that shines sunbeams and looks lovely is certainly something I aspire to and it is the antidote to the invisible woman phenomenon. If all midlife women took the time to speak life and light into the world we could change the whole perception of how others see us and the idea of being invisible wouldn't cross our minds. What a challenge! 

If you have good thoughts you will always look lovely

If you'd like to read more about Invisibility you can go HERE or HERE.
See you tomorrow for J - which is for the Job Changes.

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  1. Loved this and I couldn't agree more!

  2. I don't really feel invisible as such (but maybe I'm not old enough yet) ... although I do appreciate being able to "go under the radar" more these days ie not needing to worry about putting on makeup and dressing up to grab a bottle of milk from the corner shop (not like my Miss 20!) :-)

  3. Of course, you are right. I just think of the sour-faced young men and women I avoid because they don't look pleasant, not because they are not pretty. On my grumpy days everyone avoids me like I avoid them...invisibility cloak! Nice attitude you have to life. xx

  4. I'm making a conscious effort to smile more...not easy for an introvert who prefers to look at the ground, but the positive energy does, indeed, often bounce back.
    http:// wendyofthe rock.blogspot.com

  5. Interesting read...experience is really the best teacher...well, once you are open to learn from your experience and make relevant changes...whether young or midlife or really elderly, there are unique qualities that make us shine differently...we should never be invisible

  6. I've had many women comment that they feel invisible but it really is their choice isn't it. We can fade away as we age or we can grab life and make the most of this fabulous time of life.

  7. So true. I'm a normally bubbly person, but as I've got older, I've tended to remain in the background - then I FEEL invisible. I need to figure out how to find the happy middle!

  8. I think allowing ourselves to become more visible is on of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves <3

  9. I'm an introvert, but not invisible. I engage on a level that is comfortable and social within my boundaries. We get to choose every day. Self awareness...the real gift of midlife. :-)

  10. So true. Attitude will impact everything. I make myself feel more confident by standing up straight and smiling.

  11. I love the positivity in this post, and I totally agree that by presenting a positive face to the world, we are much more likely to be seen in a positive way

  12. Love this blog. Someone once told me when you see yourself..........others see you, too!

  13. Wonderful post. It made me think of how insecure I feel when my photo is being taken (those are times I wish to be invisible). If I let the insecurity rule, it shows in my photo. So, I remind myself to let my smile shine through my eyes... and those are my favorite pictures.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
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