The A-Z Challenge ~ Why Midlife's Fabulous ~ Job Changes


When I reached the grand old age of 52 I had a Midlife Employment Epiphany (as I prefer to call it) others may refer to it as a Midlife Crisis. I had been in a job for years where I was taken for granted, under-paid and under-appreciated. It was sucking the joy out of my life and yet day after day, week after week, I turned up and did the 9-5 routine.

I've changed jobs, and entire career paths, several times in my life. When you're young and full of confidence you are willing to be brave and take a risk. You have the assurance that there are plenty of jobs out there just waiting for you to jump into and experience.


As the years go by, the doubts creep in. You start comparing yourself to younger people and question what you have to offer - that's what I was doing and I figured a job in the hand was worth none in the bush (to paraphrase an old saying). What I didn't take into account was the fact that I have years of experience under my belt. I look pretty good for my age (the old disclaimer), work hard, don't take sick days, and I have a mature outlook that younger people can't match.


Once I took those things into consideration - and also decided that it was better to be unemployed than to be constantly miserable - it was a simple choice to hand in my resignation and to start looking for something new and more fulfilling. And you know what? There were jobs out there waiting for me - it was only a matter of weeks before a new job turned up, and less than a year later I ended up in an even better one! Who'd have thought? Certainly not me! But that's part of the Midlife journey - focusing on what you have to offer, and not comparing yourself to the bright young things snapping at your heels - it will be their turn later down the track.

my sun sets to rise again

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  1. it's such a nice post, I'm becoming your fan. I would love to get some life tips from you!


  2. My call center closed last month, and all of us are out of jobs. The interesting thing is watching, as people who were afraid of ever finding anything else are not only finding new jobs, but loving them.

  3. As I move away from my current work and begin a new path I am praying you are right.

  4. It's a hard time in many ways. Good on you for finding something new and going for it, I was made redundant late last year aged 56 and have realised that after working for 22 years I the one job, and enjoying all of those years, but not being valued by management took its toll. I'm now very happy sort of retired, and not sure if I want to look for work again or not. I'm weighing up my options at the moment and taking time to enjoy spending time with family and taking stock. Nice post!

  5. Taking a chance on ourselves, believing in our skills and going for it is important at all phases of our life. I went through a similar phase at just 31, because I was out of the workforce for a 4 years(busy with mommying). And it took a lot of effort to take that first step in a new direction, but it was easier to sail after that.

    Celebrating 'Women & their work' all April @NamySaysSo A Journalist Who Will Never Be

  6. Nice read...it's always good to take a chance....leap of faith?

  7. Thanks for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty, I shared your post.

  8. That's they key, isn't it LeAnn - focusing on what YOU have to offer and to quit looking around at everyone else! That's a good attitude for most things in life!

  9. Good for you! 👍🏻 What kind of job is it that you do!


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