The A-Z Challenge ~ Why Midlife's Fabulous ~ Friendships for Life


Friends are one of Midlife's greatest blessings - true friends enrich our life immeasurably by accepting us for who we are and choosing to share their lives with us. As I look back over 50+ years I am so grateful for the friends I have gathered along the way - both old and new, and those somewhere in between.


My oldest friend goes back to our mothers being pregnant together - she was born a few months after I was and we have grown up together - that's 55 years of being part of each other's lives! I have another friend who I've known since Primary School - she and I have walked very similar paths, she was one of my bridesmaids and we are still friends now.

There are many friends from my high school days and from days when I was a young mum, whose lives are running parallel with mine - we keep up with each other as we see engagements, weddings and grandbaby pictures appearing on Facebook (what would we do without Facebook updates?)


Then there is a handful of close friends - the ones who have been there through thick and thin - the ones who listen and empathize through the good times and through the painful times. The friends who always have time to catch up for a coffee and a chat. Some I've known for decades, others for less time, but each has a special place in my heart. These friends help me laugh, they've been there when I've cried, they share their hearts with me and I share mine with them.

Friendships take on many shapes and forms, but loyalty, trust, humour, authenticity, empathy, commitment, and love are all part of the mix. As I've gotten older, the number of friends has whittled away with distance, circumstances and choices that moved us in different directions, but those friends who have a place in my heart are more valuable than I can say and more appreciated than they will probably ever know.

Time and Friendships become more valuable with age

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See you tomorrow for G - which is for Gorgeous Grandbabies.

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  1. This is definitely one of the greatest gifts of midlife. Having friendships from all the different phases of one's life. There is nothing better. WeekendsInMaine

  2. Lovely look at friends. The older I get the more important friends are to me.

  3. I have friends from all eras of my life Leanne. Tomorrow a relatively new friend of 7 years and I are going to My Fair Lady. You don't need many friends and also I think I've realised that throughout life friends may come and go but they were important at that particular time of life.

  4. Lovely post.I have a few close friends from school and college.My hubby is my Best friend from college .So I understand what you mean about the importance of friendship.

  5. I love the way you integrate words n emotions with real life experiences. Loving your series on midlife...

  6. Friends are the best. I'd be lost without mine. Nothing like a good gossip and a few scoops with your pals ;)

  7. Some friends are forever. Yes thank goodness we have Facebook and whatsapp etc to keep in touch.

  8. I smiled at the primary school friend who was a bridesmaid and still part of your life! I have those friends too. There is something to be said for the people who really have known you your whole life and are still there with you! Then those you befriend in later stages may be more in sync re: choices and lifestyle and the mix is wonderful. - Louise

  9. Friends make life awesome! They are indeed valuable.
    May we all be blessed with friends for life!
    'Fear Of Failure' #AtoZChallenge

  10. Reading from you is so interesting...do you teach? It's lovely to have real friends....you might not talk everyday because of different factors but if you need to get things done they all show up and hands get on deck. The support is amazing

  11. I am fortunate to still have a couple of high school friends in my life. And not trying to insert a low note but sometimes these friends pass away too young. But this makes remaining friends that much more precious. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  12. What would we do without our girlfriends? They get us in ways others (especially men) just can't. Lovely post.

  13. I think that's the best relation to survive that age! If not for friends, I don't what I would do then!


  14. I have a couple of friends from childhood. They mean the world to me. I even wrote a post last fall about the power of friendship. Great topic.

  15. Facebook is GREAT for keeping up with "not so close but still dear friends".
    Over the past 7 years or so we had reunions of primary, high school and college classes, and it has blown away my mind how connected I felt after all those years. We share the same roots. Also it was amazing to experience how little people have changed. They may not have all their hair or a few pounds more, but they still walk, talk and laugh the same way!!

  16. I think it's awesome you have a friendship that has lasted 55 years! I'm going through a turmoil of sorts with regards to my friendships thanks to so many changes in my life...

  17. I think you have chosen a truly wonderful word, midlife friendship is something that would remain with you for all your life.
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    *Menaka Bharathi *



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