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When I ask my husband what the benefits of getting older are, the answer he always comes up with is "wisdom" because it ties in so closely with life experiences gained from living long and well. Wisdom is such a valuable life skill and is a hard earned one. It comes from years of interacting with people, living through life's ups and downs and learning that there are not always black and white answers to all the questions that arise.


Young people often see life in much more simple terms - either they like something or they don't, either they believe something or they don't, either someone is worthwhile or they're not, and the list goes on. With age and wisdom you learn that the edges aren't always so well defined. Things change, they morph and develop and how we think they should be is not always how they turn out.


I think wisdom teaches us to be kinder in our judgements of others, we learn that people can be going through experiences we aren't aware of and may be reacting in ways we don't expect. We learn to give them grace and acceptance rather than writing them off as too hard or too messy. We learn to be slower to pass judgement because we have often been in similar situations and know life's road can be windy and pot-holed at times. When we do open our mouths it should be to offer empathy and understanding rather than platitudes. 

Do you think wisdom comes with age or am I just imagining it?

The Wise Woman - Proverbs 31:26

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  1. she opens her mouth with wisdo...
    I wonder why this wisdom comes with age??

    Another excellent post!


  2. Thoughtful and enigmatic post on wisdom; loved the words here!! Its true oen starts to see the greys instead of just black and whites!!!

    Visit my blog for the Pergrination Chronicles as I meander through the AtoZchallenge where I am telling travel tales by the alphabet!!

    ​Wish upon the stars

  3. I enjoyed your description of the opinions and views one has in youth. So very true how it is the wisdom of years and life experience that brings the nuance to those views and the appreciation that everything isn't always so clear cut. - Louise

  4. I like that. So what you're saying is during our life we go from black and white to a million shades of gray! (I would actually like the saying better if it were the colors of the rainbow, not gray, but it is what it is!)

  5. I love that verse and it is a challenge I take very seriously... though sometimes that is easier to do than others!!! :) I do want to honor the Lord with my words.

  6. I think with wisdom also comes tolerance and patience - both of which I lacked in my youth. Love the quote.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - When will we learn.


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